Good News From Al Jazeera

You read that right! In case you hadn’t heard, Al Jazeera America is shutting down its “news” operation, AKA “Proselytizing the infidel.”

If you recall, that “green guru” wheeler-dealer Al Gore was part of a group that sold the unwatched “Current” left-wing programming network to the Middle Eastern media group based in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates for a cool $500 million (Gore kept a chunk of that for himself). The irony was of hydrogen bomb proportion but neither he nor his left-wing supporters acknowledged it.

Of course the news that Al Jazeera America never got any traction with most Americans shouldn’t surprise anyone. The left-wing America-hating audience (especially the Pro Islamic Terrorism Division) is only so big and with it spread between MSNBC, CNN and the major networks (other than Fox), there was only so much audience to go around. Al Jazeera America never developed the psychotic personality of MSNBC; CNN’s audience has been melting away for years as has much of the traditional broadcast news operations. What was the AJA target audience? There was a reason that the old Current network was available. The leftist cultural world has far too many players. Some of them are going to die out.

And speaking of that, Chris Hughes’ experiment as a publishing executive has collapsed in a similar way as he has announced that he’s going to sell what’s left of The New Republic (there’s not much remaining). Turns out his idea of turning it to the rawer and harder left didn’t work out so well. That market is also packed with competitors, e.g. Slate, Vox, Huff Po, Salon, Buzzfeed, etc., who are doing it much better.

There is a rumor that some portion of Al Jazeera America might be sold.


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