Whiners of the World Unite!

Now “Sir” Ian McKellen is getting in on the Oscar “Woe is me” act. He’s complaining that gay actors have been left out of the Academy Awards.

I’ll give you a moment to lift your chin off the floor.

Gay actors have been winning Oscars for about as long as Oscars have been around…

So what’s his real complaint? That “openly” gay actors haven’t been winning them. I’m still not quite sure what he’s getting at. Being as the awards are about acting and not what you do in the… well, nevermind the details.

Pray tell, Ian, exactly what would be this “openly gay” acting that you feel should be rewarded? Is it different than what you usually do? Or are you acting gay now in, say, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”? It doesn’t seem to be a whole lot different than in earlier “X-Men” roles, other than you were a lot more understanding in “Future Past,” but that seemed due more to the plot and supposed age of Magneto. Maybe it was mellow gayness.

He seems to feel that he’s supposed to be rewarded for playing “straight” characters though who knows if Gandalph was straight. Who cares? Must everything be measured by its purported sexual appetite?

He carps that straight men such as Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman won Oscars playing gay characters. The truth is that those actors won for those roles because of liberal politics not their acting.

But that’s not the point he wants to hear. So is he insisting that only gays can play gays and straights play straights? If he followed that line of action, Sir Ian would have had a very short career.

Or, is he insisting that you are simply supposed to be rewarded for what you do off-screen?

I’m sure a lot of casting couch starlets would have some Oscars coming their way as well if that was the new criteria.

Hey, whiner, you want to know a group that doesn’t get a lot of acting Oscars — openly Christian actors. Remember when Jim Caviezel announced he was a hardcore Christian a few years ago? You’d have thought he’d announced he was a pedophile and was proud of it. He suddenly hit a dry spot in roles. Christians and conservatives know that they need to keep their pronouncements to themselves if they want to survive in Hollywood.

Actually, with the upside-down way things are now, the pedophile confession probably would have been applauded.


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