In Sac-Town Year of the Monkey Is Politically Incorrect

You just can’t parody the left any longer. People who want to be “offended” are lacking things to be offended about they will look everywhere to find offense…

Example: Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins. His team was going to giveaway t-shirts celebrating the Chinese New Year; this new year being the Year of the Monkey. Celebrating Chinese New Year has been a long-time tradition in the Bay Area.

But things are different these days. DeMarcus was offended by the t-shirt. A couple of other “African-Americans” decided that they were offended by the shirts, too. So if a certain select group of people are offended by anything, well, everyone has to drop what they are doing and reorient themselves to accommodate those gentle souls… Here’s more on this infuriating story.

So apparently Year of the Monkey and the Chinese calendar have to delay themselves while “Black History Month” plays out. Those Chinese guys thinking up the calendar thousands of years ago should have planned better!

Can’t these people just look the other way? Live and let live? Rise above the irritants that others would find petty (or nonexistent)? Sadly, for the politically correct, the answer is no. To them, everything is political; a battle to be won and enemies everywhere to be defeated.

One last point. People who view everything through a racial prism are racists. Cousins may not see himself as a racist but he is one.


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