George Mason Would Not Be Proud

I’m watching the George Mason University/University of Dayton basketball game on TV.

Sadly, the announcers just informed us that Mason’s students are wearing for the game “green” t-shirts which promote GMU basketball on the front and clean energy and zero emissions on the back. Mason’s colors are green and gold, so there’s a clever indoctrination angle for these free t-shirts.

This is a rather sad thing for George Mason. It’s one of the few state schools in the U.S. where some conservatives have been able to survive and even prosper. It’s economics department has been the home of many solid conservatives such as Jim Buchanan and Walter Williams. It’s law school has developed a strong and conservative reputation, thanks to the work of people like Henry Manne. There’s also a strong libertarian intellectual strain at the school.

I’m sure that the real George Mason would find such shenanigans silly and blatant thought control disturbing. Just another example of how the left makes itself omnipresent and insistent. A simple basketball game can be used for messaging. The left will never sleep until we are all under its control, all of the time. There will be no refuge.


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