Strangers in Strange Places

So the Pope goes to Havana to have a meet and greet with Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church? Was a Buddhist monastery in rural Thailand unavailable? No room in an Indian sweat lodge in Arizona? All the Hindu temples in India booked up? Heck, Istanbul would have made more sense.

This makes no sense other than realizing that Pope Francis is more lefty/commie than he is traditional Catholic so a meeting in the capital of an officially atheist state, with no real churches, probably didn’t strike him as odd. In fact, courtesy of the former Soviet Union’s close ties to Cuba and the Castros, he probably figured that a Russian religious man would want to meet there — though the Russian Orthodox church was oppressed/neutered during the Soviet years and it has no historical ties with Cuba.

But what the hey, who cares about tradition? That’s so yesterday… so last millennia. We live in strange times.


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