The Folly of Kerry & Ammo Grrrll Nails It

Here’s a pair of must reads.

It is pretty much impossible to parody someone like John Kerry. How this American version of Monty Python’s Upper Class Twit ever ascended to the heights he has will always remain one of the great mysteries of life. This particular example concerns Kerry traveling to Hollywood to talk with rich Hollywood producers and filmmakers on how to “message” better on the anti-ISIS front. The blind leading the blind analogy leaps to mind. Hey, instead of making America-bashing movies (e.g. ‘Green Zone,’ ‘The Garden of Elah’), how about making pro-American movies? Ones that end with a bunch of ISIS recruits meeting horrible, pointless deaths at the hands of the good guys (Uh, Hollywood, that would be the United States). Matthew Continetti at the Washington Free Beacon has the farce.

Number two is Friday’s take from Ammo Grrrll at Powerline. She’s great, something along the line of an updated, hardcore conservative Erma Bombeck. I couldn’t agree more with this:

“And I will never — no, not ever — vote for candidates on the basis of the color or shape of their skin or any other tribal marker, including being Jewish. The very idea is anathema to me. It is not ‘time’ for a woman or a gay person or a transgendered Olympic athlete or a wise Latina, just BECAUSE they are one of those things. It is waaaay past time for honest, patriotic, qualified, Constitution-upholding candidates who are ‘brave, courageous and bold’ and I don’t care if ALL or NONE are from a grievance-monger category.”


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