About That “Whitewashed” Hollywood

You might have caught the tisking about a “study” that came out earlier this week about how Hollywood is nothing but a “White Boys Club” that does not put an acceptable amount of tightly defined minorities on the screen. In the eyes of the authors and all the media liberals clucking about it, that’s a bad thing.

Yes, they actually count skin colors, sexual orientations and the number of men and women on the screen and in the business. It must be a sad, bitter life they lead.

These “studies” come about annually now, usually from people who are in orbit around the Hollywood industry but can’t seem to crack it. So they decide to simply crash the party. They’ve got scripts and need to get them made (or at least optioned)!

They really think that an all-minority, chick-heavy “Big Bang Theory” will work. There’s a reason they haven’t cracked Hollywood. And that’s saying a lot considering how lacking in imagination Hollywood is these days. “Hey, CB! Let’s reboot ‘Showgirls’ but have it gay! That can’t miss!”

You know what else Hollywood is? Disproportionately Jewish, gay, liberal, politically correct, hailing from and/or living in the L.A. and New York City areas. Also, movie industry folks are educated at a handful of colleges and are often the children of liberal elites or well-connected people. I did not see the study authors crabbing about any of that.

You know what you see even fewer of in Hollywood or on the silver screen than the so-called “ignored” folks in the study? Positive portrayals of Christians, small town folks, Southerners, conservatives, Republicans, businessmen, openly heterosexual males, etc. You don’t see a lot of those people invited into the business either. I don’t think that’ll be remedied anytime soon. I know this point is way over the head of the authors of the study.

Hollywood is not, never has been and never will be an equal opportunity employer. But nothing is stopping the study authors from starting their own movie companies and making their own movies. If they are so sure of themselves and that they have a handle on the undiscovered audience, have at it! That’s the American way, not strong-arming someone.


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