Must Reads From Flynn & O’Sullivan

Sounds like a law firm but it isn’t. Here’s a pair of recommended reads — one from the smartest man alive as far as I’m concerned, John O’Sullivan. The other is a nice piece on the hollowness and failure of socialism in the United States from Daniel J. Flynn. Don’t worry, it’s not an academic piece. Quite digestible.

As is typical of O’Sullivan, “Trump and the Rise of the Undocumented Republicans,” is a measured, thoughtful piece. It’s a good contrast to the hysterics that are tending to fulminate these days when it comes to analyzing the Donald Trump phenomenon (both pro and con).

Flynn’s “Socialism, the Nightmare That Never Dies,” is a quick tour of socialist politics in the U.S. — a history that never seems to get told by our educational establishment, MSM or Hollywood (which inexplicably idolizes socialism). Bonus money quote: “Capitalism works for men who do. Socialism works for men who don’’t.”


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