The Point Is to Stop Hillary Clinton

Much of the activity on the Republican side should be devoted to who can get to Trump first; who will have Trump’s ear. I think Jeff Sessions understands this, hence his endorsement.

Trump is not a details guy. He’s a big picture guy. Details annoy him. They confuse him. He hasn’t even thought about them (but is loathe to admit that).

Do you think he worries about what the bathrooms in his hotels look like (other than being ‘Trumpworthy’)? What kind of cement gets used in the foundation or car garage (other than the ‘right’ kind)? Choices of wallpaper (other than making sure the capital Ts in the pattern are big enough to be seen)? If the fire escape stairs are wide enough (other than to keep ADA activists from jamming up the project)? What kind of plants are in the landscaping (so long as that cute flower that the latest Mrs. Trump likes is included)? No. He has “people” for those things.

If we want him to lean conservative on things that he doesn’t really care about, and that’s going to be a long list, we need to make sure that it is conservatives that have his ear. That’s why much of this savaging of Trump, well deserved as it is, is counterproductive. If Trump is elected, whether we love him or not, he (or his ‘people’) will be staffing the federal government’s “political” positions.

President Trump will be captured by somebody, better it be Republicans than Obama leftovers, Hillary supporters and professional Democrats (think of people like Lois Lerner).

Any serious conservative thinking that what the conservative movement and this country needs is four years of Hillary to teach us a lesson is fooling themselves. This approach didn’t work with the first four years of The One; another four years of King Barry I. Thinking the country will snap out of it in 2020 is foolish nonsense. By then the government will be so large, so powerful and so packed with crazed libtards, that we may very well be past the tipping point. As bad as it is now it will be far worse after four years of another Clinton corruptocracy; this one leavened with open socialism, high-dudgeon racism, enforced political correctness, more Global Warming/green insanity, Title IXmania, “Smart Power” disasters on every continent (including Antarctica), war on men (especially white heterosexual men), war on success, war on Christians, etc.

Trump is not ideal. His vulgarity, shocking immaturity and childishness, egocentricity and narcissism, bullying, ham-handedness are unpresidential. His conduct has not earned him any respect from nor endeared him to sincere conservatives. He may very well be a much larger, angrier version of Jesse Ventura but it is hard to imagine how he’ll be worse than Hillary Clinton; especially if the House is retained by Republicans. Conservatives need to understand that the point in 2016 is to stop Hillary Clinton, by pretty much any means necessary.


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