Pay for Your Own Damn Nomination

As tonight is “Super Tuesday, it brings up a little bugaboo of mine — states paying for the primaries and caucuses of political parties.

In my state of Virginia, primary day, today, is treated as another election day, with some schools closed in the hosting of polling places. It is state-owned equipment that is used for the voting and tabulating. I’m not grooving on that.

In my opinion, the political parties should pay for and conduct their own nominations and voting.

Now, if a particular state wants to pay for these things, they should be up front with their citizens rather than pretending it’s part of the larger federal election process and sliding it into the state budget. Let them lay out the costs to the state and let them explain why these things are done. I suspect if a state did so they’d find push back from many about paying for the costs of what are actually private political parties (as you can probably imagine I also loathe that presidential public-funding fund and the whole idea of the public funding of campaigns).

Just a thought.


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