I like Mitt Romney. He seems a decent man, the type of personality who should be president. He would have been a good president, even if he is a bit squishy for my tastes. He would have been a whole lot better than the disaster that won.

However, I think his ballyhooed speech criticizing Donald Trump on Thursday was a mistake.

I can’t imagine Romney influencing anyone undecided to any serious degree and it very likely will simply reinforce the suspicion that Trump’s supporters have of the GOP establishment’s hostility to all they hold dear, the establishment’s willingness to fight their fellow Republicans to a greater degree than they fight Democrats and the establishment’s refusal to allow actual democracy in the party (if it goes against their elite establishment interests).

If only Romney had fought for the idea of President Romney as hard as he just fought against the idea of President Trump.

Let’s be realistic here, Romney is now the equivalent of Gerald Ford in 1980 — he didn’t like Reagan either — and he had little influence left in the party, beyond the respect an ex-president carries. He too was a decent man whose time had passed.


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