Hillary Clinton Delenda Est

It takes a special kind of gall for someone as polarizing and hated as Hillary Clinton is to stand up at a campaign rally and cluck that someone such as Donald Trump should never be let near the White House. Liberals are so amazingly lacking in self-awareness. Hey, Hillary, remember when you were taking his donations and palling around with him at parties and fundraisers? I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised that if you asked her about that she’d look you in the face and insist she never met Donald Trump. (And the dingaling reporter asking her the question wouldn’t bother to call her on that blatant fib.)

Another thought — remember way back when Bill Clinton was cornered over the Monica Lewinsky crisis and the White House team, including Hillary, were trying to figure out what lies would work best in the public relations battle? At that point the Democrats on the Hill had effectively jammed up the legal proceedings to remove him from office so the battlefield was the public popularity. The Clintons realized that if they lost the public relations battle Bill Clinton would have to resign. So, according to Dick Morris, Bill Clinton said, “Well, we’ll just have to win then.” And that was the peak of the win-at-any-cost-demonize-anyone-in-the-way method of Clintonian scorched earth campaigning.

I really get that same vibe these days when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her email troubles. She wants to win the White House as the culmination of her “illustrious” career, as a way to further consolidate democrat socialist power and, finally, to save her bacon on this legal front. I suspect that as soon as she gets away from the public on her inaugural day, she’ll order whatever investigations are going on to shut down and evidence destroyed. Any FBI agents deemed to have been insufficiently deferential to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Gang will be terminated or brought up on charges.

Interestingly, going back to the Roman opening of this piece, one of the reasons Caesar pursued his imperial plans was to stay in office to thwart numerous legal actions against him. It does have to be acknowledged, however, that Hillary is no Caesar.


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