The Road to Damascus

Look to the right and you’ll see I have FINALLY gotten all the ducks in a row and published the next installment in my series of Val Plum political satires, “The Road to Damascus.”

I encourage you to click on the image, which will take you to my “publishing company,” Kirby Sterling Publishing. From there you can click on the “Books” link. The “The Road to Damascus” segment will have a link to the book’s Smashwords page. There you can actually read the first part of it. The eBook can be bought at Smashwords, which I encourage since I get a bigger cut of the profits from them!

Smashwords also handles distribution so I’ll be updating distributors at Kirby Sterling Publishing as they come along.

I’ll get a sample up as soon as I can at Liberty Island, as well.

Here’s your chance to help out and promote conservative culture and fight against the liberal domination of our culture – including the Alien-like facelock it has on the publishing industry (you wanna know rejection, try selling conservative humor to a big New York publishing house).

Makes a great pre-Christmas gift! Birthday gift! Far more meaningful than Easter eggs (except to the wee ones, don’t stiff them them) and almost as tasty as a chocolate bunny!  St. Swithun’s Day is practically upon us! Cheaper than practically anything at Starbucks and far less politically correct.




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