Why is it seemingly any pop-technology website inevitably becomes liberal? Is this a corollary of O’Sullivan’s Law — any organization/group that isn’t actively conservative will became liberal over time? Is it because they are media-oriented and seem to only hire (mostly young) liberals?

Whatever, Mashable has essentially become unreadable over the last year with an explosion in hard left and anti-conservative politics creeping in (Obama can never do any wrong); open promotion of homosexuality and any other “ality” that isn’t heterosexuality; an obsession with freakish things and people who seem to be nearing derangement; promotion of the liberal social or economic cause or celebrity intellectual du jour; increasing focus on flaky entertainment; and, as all of these do, a complete swallowing of global warming and magical green energy stories.

Engadget looks more and more like Mashable but a year behind.

The Verge is suffering from a case of Voxization by its owner, Vox. It gets dumber by the day. It is now reminiscent of a once cute girl who now wears librarian glasses so that people will take her seriously.

Even plain vanilla Tech Crunch seems to be following the path of least resistance. Lately “LGBTQ” stories have started popping up on the site.

Gizmodo can’t stay away from bashing Trump and it often promotes the liberal enviro scare of the week. The latest liberal social crusade will make a regular appearance when it needs promoting.

Oh, yeah, “Diversity” is the buzzword of the century for all of them. And all are so painfully politically correct I’m stunned that they still use black as their default font color.

Pretty much every writer on these sites has no problem expressing their opinion with the confidence of a recent college graduate and few seem to be aware that there might be a disagreeing opinion out there. Almost every one of them doesn’t seem to be aware that there was history before the year 2000, other than some vague dark ages where white males feasted upon women and minorities (except Bill Clinton, who did none of that).


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