The Perfect Libtard Picture?

Perfect Libtard Picture

I found this picture, allegedly from the Facebook page of Thomas DiMassimo, the half-wit acting student who decided to bum-rush Donald Trump at a rally in Dayton, Ohio; and lost.

Check that out — somebody (perhaps DiMassimo, perhaps not) wearing $200 Air Jordan tennis shoes (probably with $100+ jeans) stepping on what appears to be an American flag. Is that not the perfect capture of the modern libtard — moneyed yet denigrating an object that represents the system that brought them such luxury? A luxury which they have no intent upon abandoning. This is considered symbolic of their beliefs by a college student on that forum of youthful expression, Facebook.

Is the complete lack of self-awareness the leading trait of the modern young liberal? Or is it the sheer ignorance of where they come from? Or is it the sledgehammer hypocrisy? Maybe it’s just “D,” All of the above.

A bit more on the leftist warrior. He’s allegedly an acting student, that is studying acting at Wright State University in Ohio. No offense intended but it’s a run-of-mill state school, not particularly known for its acting program. And DiMassimo came from Georgia to go to the school. He sounds like a professional student (and that would fit right in with everything else we’ve seen). He’s from Atlanta. There his parents are a teacher and a higher-up city/county government bureaucrat along with being active in Georgia Democratic politics. As someone pointed out, the parents have made a good living off the taxpayer all of their lives and they are passing a sense of entitlement onto their son. They are probably quite proud of him.


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