Tectonic Movement

The modern environmentalism movement lives by one unwritten, unstated belief — that the environment, land, air, climate, can never change. Of course, anyone familiar with the Earth’s history knows that the planet has changed greatly over the billions of years it has been around. The gas mix of the atmosphere has moved from poisonous to human life to quite suitable. The temperature has moved from to hot for human habitation to almost too cold for human life most everywhere but the equatorial regions.

With the enviros clucking like chickens about stopping global warming and considering their belief that land erosion is a recent, man-made phenomenon, it has occurred to me, perhaps they should start legislating against plate tectonics. If we could just get mankind (AKA Big Business) to stop moving those continents, we wouldn’t have erosion and might be able to stop all those man-made earthquakes too!

You laugh. Just wait. I’m sure there’s a an activist, NGO or college movement somewhere already on this.

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