Hillary to Be Pardoned?

I’m going to offer a scenario.

With King Barry I seemingly signaling this week to Democrat Party elders that they need to unite around Hillary Clinton and stop playing footsy with The Bern, it looks like Obama has made a decision on his successor.

A problem would be Hillary Clinton’s indictment for mishandling classified information (and/or the indictment of at least half-a-dozen of her close confidants). But if the threat of indictment goes away, Hillary’s path to the nomination and then election becomes much clearer.

Here’s my little prediction, which I’m currently setting at one out of three — Barry the King will, “for the sake of the democratic process and healing,” pardon Hillary and her merry band of lawbreakers a day or two after the Democratic convention.

I believe this will require the FBI to send a request for prosecution to the Dept. of Justice. It’s clear that the evidence publicly available warrants several indictments. So far DOJ has walked away from a number of embarrassing cases, e.g. Abedin, Lerner, Veterans Admin., etc., and the media has been able to downplay these but a recommendation to go after Hillary would be too big to bury. That means the dodge will have to be addressed. You can be sure that Barry the King would issue a pardon because “it’s the right thing to do.”  In his mind everything he does, even a day out on the links, is always done for the best of the country, whether it agrees or not.

Then the DOJ will look for some hapless Republican, Tea Party-type conservative or a Wall Street target (who failed to contribute to Hillary’s campaign) and drop a ton of bricks on them for failing to properly fill out a form or jaywalking.

“We can’t abide lawbreaking,” The One or Loretta Lynch will crow. “That’s not who we are.”


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