Scots — Not High on Trump

Caught a story on CBS Radio this morning. They sent a reporter (Mark Phillips) to a Scottish island that they said Donald Trump’s ancestors hailed from. They’re a jolly lot we are told though the reporter insisted they weren’t so jolly about Trump. And to prove the point he had a local fellow with a light brogue mumble something that Trump wasn’t that great. He didn’t bother to look for anyone else or someone who said anything nice so that settled that.

Message — Trump=bad. If his distant relations, 50 times removed don’t like him, how could anyone vote for him!?!

Then the reporter talked about how the Irish loved JFK and even Reagan too! (This is part of the beating-current-Republicans-with-the-Reagan-stick tactic that liberals are now deploying. Suddenly they fondly remember The Gipper.)

Heck, the reporter insisted, even Obama’s distant Irish relatives loved him. Apparently nobody could be found in Ireland to say anything negative about him. (They couldn’t do a quick Internet search? I can do one and find plenty of Irish to say negative things about him but that would require some work and it would also require interfacing with people who might not be reliably liberal. That’s not typically acceptable to a reporter [unless said nonliberal is going to say something bad about the Republican/conservative]).

I eagerly await the same story from Hillary Clinton’s or Bernie Sanders’s ancestors’ haunts… Yep, gonna wait right here cuz I’m sure the mainstream media is all about equal coverage… Just like they did those in-depth stories on Obama’s background… Yep, waiting… No doubt they are working on them right now…


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