I call it “Trumplash.”

It’s the whiplash I get deciding whether I’m for Trump or against Trump.

I think I’m for Trump when I see liberals squealing about how awful and mean and stupid Trump is.

What? He’s not a “poopyhead,” as well?

None of the cool kids like him and he has funny hair too, they insist.

John Francoise Kerrý was just sniffing earlier last week how his enlightened Eurobuddies were just shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!, that the country was actually going to allow Trump to run, rather than, say, guillotine him immediately (or at least exile him to St. Helena Island). Of course, if he won the Assistant Minister for Payoffs, Kleptocracy and Corruption in Crapistan might laugh at us, Monsieur Teresa Heinz Kerry worried.

And who cannot but swoon when precious snowflakes at college meltdown upon seeing his name scrawled in chalk on campus? Bonus love when college administrators look like imbeciles as they spinelessly grab their ankles to coddle their supposed charges. Who can deny that Trump is not a genius for going after the follies of political correctness — especially by mocking them?

Am I the only one waiting for Black Lies Matter to make a move against Trump?

On the positive side it’s easy to say that The Donald has “his enemies” going for him.

But then I think I’m not for him when he babbles some nonsensical braggadocio that would be ridiculous coming out of the mouth of a 12-year old, much less an adult, high-profile businessman and prospective presidential nominee. “I’ll make Mexico pay for that wall and also have them make me some awesome Mexican food because I know more about Mexican food than any Mexican that ever lived.”

Or he bellows some utterly daft boast — “I don’t need no stinking Cruz voters!” The political stupidity of such a strategic and tactical announcement is disturbing.

On the negative side, The Donald can say some really dumb things and he might not be aware how dumb they are. But then the current occupant of the White House isn’t exactly Cicero.

Then I get a warm feeling for him listening to various media types badmouth Trump or twist their reporting into anti-Trump stories. “No one supports him at all, except the KKK,” they nervously chortle, “Which he hasn’t denounced in the last five minutes.” Eyes dart around and assembled pressies nod in agreement. “I don’t know anyone who would vote for him,” they then reassure each other.

In my mind most anything that sticks a thumb in the eye of the lamestream media is a good thing and should be encouraged.

Then he goes and gets obsessed with Megan Kelly and I worry about his judgment. (I mean, I’m obsessed with Megan Kelly too, but not in that way but rather the typical red-blooded male way.)

Then I’m back for him when GOP establishment types start whining that it’s just not fair that a large part of the party is voting for him and not their handpicked candidate(s). “Gadzooks! Democracy! We can’t have that in the Republican Party,” clucks some Washington-based political consultant that has made millions (and spent millions of other people’s money) mostly losing elections or electing cyphers that quickly begin going native once in Washington. And then there are the GOP politicians in a tizzy because they are finally being held accountable for their complete, total, utter failure to even take a full baby step towards doing what they were elected to do. Ted Cruz and maybe a half-dozen others get a pass on this because they did make efforts and were savaged for it by aforementioned GOP politicians and establishment. The Washington establishment has failed miserably to geld the administrative state, to try to reclaim Constitutional freedoms, to make much of an effort to stem illegal immigration, to roll back Obamacare, to defund Planned Parenthood, to strangle political correctness in the government, to pursue and destroy nihilistic enemies such as ISIS and Al Qaeda, to pursue Obama admin crimes and misdemeanors, and the list goes on. GOPe, you really have only yourself to blame for the rise of Donald Trump. Now you want call a Mulligan?

Then I swing back against him when I read the comments of his dyed-in-the-wool supporters at some blog as they explode into pitchfork and torch-carrying mobs angrily searching for those who don’t believe in the unquestioned awesomeness of The Donald. They are utterly hypnotized in a personality cult eerily similar to that of The One, c. 2008. They are completely enthralled to him either through white-hot anger with the Republican establishment or a dangerously deluded belief that Trump is going to somehow do exactly what they want when he is elected.

The former believe that anyone not Donald Trump is no different than Mitch McConnell or Hillary Clinton (they can’t apparently tell the difference between the two). In their Manichean world it is Trump (the force of light) or nothing (the forces of darkness). Even Ted Cruz has been labeled an establishment toady by some of them.

The latter are a bit more constructive, seeing a Pax Trumpana and a Golden Age forming in the second week of November and really getting going about the third week of January 2017. Brown people illegally in the country will be silently transported away overnight, to their former homelands; companies will be forced to bring back “our jobs” to towns and cities where all out of work will effortlessly return to employment; foreign merchants will be forced to buy American and pay hefty tariffs for anything they sell to Americans; government will finally do everything it is supposed to do and not a jot more; we’ll spend more on things to help people and not spend money on things that don’t help people (but probably enriched the political class in the past); bad laws will go away; bad people will go away too; Trump, the business man, will make only good deals and the world will quake in awe; and so it goes. It’s all similar, in several ways, to John Edwards’ amusing promises to banish unhappy faces, rainy days and other downers, while replacing them with only tasty, healthy and fat-free things and activities; and puppies and kittens too. Lions (newly vegetarian) will sleep with lambs and unicorn sweat will heal and power all.

The supporters are clearly a triumph of hope over experience lot. I like to think I’m a notch above that.

And just as I get comfortable thinking his supporters have gone over the edge, I see the people who insist that anyone who could consider Trump is the dumbest person alive and should know that Trump is actually Gollum or some nefarious changeling, perhaps even a Democrat sleeper agent. They insist that no one remotely sentient could ever vote for Trump because of past positions of the candidate, insults of women or his silly hair. Everything he says is now is a lie, they assure us. These people even threaten to vote for Hillary Clinton, because Trump is and is going to be far worse than Hillary “Satan’s Minion” Clinton could ever be.

Such talk makes me think that I should vote for Trump simply to see if he really could be worse than Ol’ Scratch’s butt licker, Hellary.

I’ve made my position on Trump the nominee clear but I’ll reiterate. Barring some amazing discovery, stunningly ludicrous VP choice, verbal self-immolation (more than what he’s done to this point), I’ll vote for him if he is the nominee.  It is simply beyond debate that Hillary Clinton be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. The woman should be in jail.

I view Trump as something like Nixon. He probably won’t be a solid conservative and he might sell us out many times BUT he won’t be nearly as bad as the alternatives (Hubert Humphrey in 1968 and George McGovern in 1972 and Hillary Clinton in 2016) who will sell us out every time. In my possibly foolish scenario, Trump will tire of being president quickly and possibly serve a single term or simply be a figurehead on most issues. Therefore, I’m very interested in making sure that conservatives get into a Trump administration, get into his inner circle. Hos choice of vice president will be very telling.

In my mind, an important message to conservatives is that at this early juncture, they should hold off on drawing conclusions and making decisions that they cannot walk back from.

Trump might be playing people for fools but he can be our fool, too. He can’t run the country by himself and his tight cabal is equally insufficient for the job. He’ll have to play ball with someone, better us than the Democrats.

Perhaps we do get President Disaster, though I can’t imagine how he’ll be worse than Hillary Clinton; a president isolated can’t do much (ask James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson how that went). Even if it brings in a Democrat in 2020, how is that worse than Hillary Clinton in 2016?

A lot of Republican/conservative people asked a lot of frustrated other people to suck it up and vote for McCain and Romney, despite their less-than-aggressive campaigns and sometimes squishy background positions and rhetoric. The Republican hierarchy asked those same frustrated people to suck it up again and vote Republican in 2014 to get that majority because “this time it will be different.” Well, those frustrated people delivered, even if the Washington GOP hasn’t really delivered on their promise.

Now those frustrated people are asking that the favor be returned. Are the anti-Trump conservatives going to stiff their confreres? Are they going to insist that they are smarter, wiser, all-knowing and that bargains don’t apply to them? That they are Big Sis and so everyone always has to do what Big Sis says “because”?

Trump can’t get elected without you (despite his and his supporters’ crowing).

Look at it this way, anti-Trumpers, even if Hillary is elected, you’ll be in a position to say that you voted for Kodos as our descent into the ashes of history continues during a Clinton administration.

Yes, Trump can be a goofball but I suspect that behind closed doors he’s more sane than he lets on. It’s likely that he views retail politics as something akin to pro wrestling so much of his shtick is just that, shtick. He’s probably surprised that so many people are taking it so seriously. It’s the world that he comes from — New York, Wall Street, Big Business, Las Vegas, Miss Universe, Hollywood, etc. He’s used to working with businessmen who happily sell out the system that made them rich for a couple of shekels; city and state politicians (i.e. socialist-spouting Democrats and other limousine liberals) with their greedy, selfish hands out; Republicans gleefully cheating on their wives and cheating on the voters once elected; the practices of bribery (literally and figuratively) and corruption, hiring ex-politicians or their relatives or the family of current politicians; soulless beautiful people and so many more of the wrong kind of people.

The type of people who should also be kept from the levers of power.

To Trump, these things are all an act and “everyone” knows it’s an act. Yes, it’s a cynical world view, more resembling a TV drama or an Oliver Stone movie. After eight years of Barack Obama and the eight years of the earlier Clinton Wonderland, who’s to say that it is not what it has become?


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