Calling Black Lives Matter

Let’s see how long it takes for Black Lives Matter, AKA Black Lies Matter, to mobilize on this killing of an (actually) innocent black man.

In New Orleans, a former New Orleans Saint, Will Smith (not the actor), was killed in a “road rage” incident. Apparently Smith, in a nice Mercedes, was rear-ended by a Hummer. Expensive cars and the incident happened in a nice part of town.

Smith got out and an argument ensued. Smith was shot multiple times by the Hummer’s driver. Smith’s wife was also wounded. Smith died at the scene.

A suspect was quickly arrested. Turns out it was a black thug with a record. Thug driving around in expensive vehicle. Do the math.

Don’t hold your breath that Black Lives Matter will be johnny-on-the-spot demanding “justice” (or “Just Us” in their eyes) and asking why thugs are out of jail, allowed to roam the streets armed. But there doesn’t seem to be a “blame whitey” angle or a way to shakedown the local government so this incident won’t generate any of their protests, riots or even hoodie moments from NBA players. BLM is a thuggish cultural racist and fascist movement and the Democratic Party’s kowtowing to it has only emboldened it.

Will our sports-obsessed president speak out on this? I’m sure this made Sports Center but maybe The One hasn’t read the paper yet so he can’t be outraged. Then again, there isn’t an America-blaming or Republican Party-blaming political target for him to make hay with in one of his patented finger-wagging lectures to the nation so more likely he’ll just put in another round of golf. He might use it as a chance to whack the “gun control/gun safety” pinata — how convicted criminals (of all colors) shouldn’t be allowed to have guns (unless they’ve paid their debt to society and vote Democrat), “smart” guns could solve that problem, a national gun registry would have prevented this “tragic” incident and we need to make it illegal to move guns across state lines. Nothing about keeping thugs in jail. His usual misrepresentations.

Maybe Eric Holder can be unpacked from wherever he was freighted off to so he can call us all “cowards” for not being willing to talk about race relations.

And the caravan moves on.

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