My local radio news station is WTOP. It is the highest grossing radio station in the U.S. It’s pretty much considered the news station that others seek to emulate. I catch it in the morning for some news but mostly sports, traffic and weather.

Sadly, it rarely gives Republicans or conservatives any respect or the benefit of the doubt, much less a favorable story. It’s basically just another standard issue news media liberal propaganda provider.

To its news readers and reporters any long gun is an “assault weapon” and it eagerly repeats, uncritically, whatever the latest press release is from Handgun Inc. or other gun confiscation groups. It won’t call the NRA evil but will use critics to spout that while no one is allowed to explain the group’s positions honestly.

It instituted a new segment, at the 20-minute mark each hour, called “To Your Health.” It’s nothing more than parroting whatever health scare “study” press release they have received. There is never any of that famous reporter “skepticism” that we hear about in so many movies, episodes of “Lou Grant” and journalism industry articles. Never anybody asking, “Isn’t this the opposite of what we heard last month, last year?” It’s so goofy that not too long ago one news reader chortled, “Is chocolate good for us this week or bad?”

My latest complaint is their sanctimonious coverage of the “North Carolina law.” WTOP is basically reading press releases from the disingenuously-named Human Rights Campaign as news stories. Just this morning they described it as an “anti-LGBT law.” The other day they said it “removes important protections for the LGBT community.” This is blatant misreporting. They’ve yet to explain what the law actually means, what it actually does and why it was enacted. It’s all straight propaganda. I’d dare say that a large portion of the station’s listeners don’t know the story behind the law so they uncritically accept what WTOP reports as accurate.

Nothing gets the blood of the contemporary reporter going more than one of those “causes” wherein they see themselves as the modern equivalent of a civil rights worker battling the Klan in the 1950s. So many issues are framed that way these days.

On a related note, the Associated Press recently released the latest update to its famed “Style Guide.” The AP Style Guide is a journalism profession institution. It is designed to get AP’s farflung reporters and stringers on the same page — use the same terminology, spell things the same way and it has a lot of definitions and explanations of certain things that not all reporters might be familiar with. By and large it’s not a bad book and most journalism entities adhere to it. “Knowing AP style” is a prerequisite for many publishing jobs.

The regular updates usually reflect changes in word usage and feedback from reporters on things they don’t know and need to know the details on. So the update did things like change “Internet” to “internet.” But one odd entry was a detailed explanation on what “canonization” is.

Yes, AP felt it needed to explain to modern reporters what “canonization” is.

This reflects the distance that has developed between modern journalism and religion. Considering that most every reporter of a certain age would know from experience or their own life what “canonization” is (even reporters with Protestant backgrounds), this is a disturbing portent. But religion is being so successfully expelled from all facets of modern life that people are growing up without a clue on a major tenet of Catholicism. No offense to Lutherans, but this isn’t trying to understand the difference between Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Synod.

I grew up in pure-Protestant southern states and even I knew what canonization was. It would be hard to be sentient in the United States and not know. But somehow it is come to be.

Yet these people are the people reporting our “news.”

No wonder we have special snowflakes on campus, an anti-American fool in the White House, Hillary Clinton still free (possibly the next president) and politically correct tyranny ruling the land.


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