Unconfirmed “Confirmation”

HBO is now airing its custom project, “Confirmed.” It’s a replay about Anita Hill’s attempted take down of Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court nomination in 1991. As you can imagine coming from Hollywood, it is not favorable to or told from Thomas’s viewpoint.

HBO took out high-profile ads in several entertainment industry publications to promote this vehicle. Actress Kerry Washington glares out from behind a microphone: “It Only Takes One Voice to Change History… HBO Films Presents… Kerry Washington Is Anita Hill… Confirmation”

That’s an awfully strange spin on a story that ended up with Hill discredited; the Democrats on the committee committing a number of ethical lapses (especially then Sen. Howard Metzenbaum and his staff, though Slo Joe Biden wasn’t exactly Cincinnatus); National Public Radio’s Nina Totenberg exposed as a leftist tool (as if that wasn’t already known); two big-paper journalists Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson authoring a lie and smear-filled book that was repudiated by its publisher after many of the people quoted in it denied making the quotes (though that didn’t stop it from being made into a movie by Showtime); and Thomas ascending to the Supreme Court.

Perhaps the “change” HBO is referring to is turning public office nominations into World War I-style trench warfare zones; or maybe it is the seemingly never-ending wave of sexual misconduct charges, real and hoaxes, flung around that take their cue from Anita Hill; or making relationships of any kind between supervisor and employee a constantly-shifting minefield; or sending a message to “black” people (especially conservative ones) that they will be annihilated if they dare try to move off of the liberal plantation; or maybe it is all these.

Didn’t Kerry Washington endorse Hillary Clinton… Or was it Bernie Sanders?

I’m sure if quizzed on this, HBO would insist there was no political bias at all in the choice of production or the revisitation again of the discredited attacks on Clarence Thomas.

So, HBO, when can we expect the inside story on Bill Clinton’s satyric romps in the White House? Those are actually documented and the president is a more central figure than a Supreme Court Justice. Remember, he was almost removed from office for these?

Not going to hold my breath.


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