Bernie the Heartless Corporate Thug

It’s funny that Bernie Sanders has suddenly announced that he’s laying off campaign workers as his campaign fizzles and “they aren’t needed anymore.” Is it your greed, Bernie?

Isn’t the Bern the one always complaining about companies laying off workers that “aren’t needed anymore”? Isn’t he the one saying that those companies should keep the workers, whether they make economic/business sense or not? Isn’t Sanders the Socialist the one advocating lifetime employment with a single firm? Doesn’t he demand that laid off workers be given like six-months’ notice and a great severance package? I don’t think any of that happened for Bernie’s now turfed-out workers.

Ya’ know, I think Bernie might be a hypocrite.Is that too mean?

Notice how the leftists always exempt themselves from the policies they demand of others…? This story of heartBern should be a big story but it won’t be.

Well, I guess it’s okay since they weren’t replaced by nonunion foreign workers in India, Mexico or China, right? That would be really bad.

In related news, one of Bernie’s dream countries, Chavezuela, has just announced rolling blackouts for the next month+ and a two-day work week for government workers. Looks like they doubled down on Bernie’s four-day work week idea. Woooo!

Looks like all the cool socialistas are crapping out these days.


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