The Maryland 8

Maryland’s 8th Congressional District is one of the wealthiest in America. It’s home to the upper elements of Washington’s federal bureaucracy (America’s unelected government), White House aides and staffers, high-on-the-pecking order Congressional aides, actual Congressmen, the upper reaches of the professional associations and gajillions of lobbyists, lawyers, federal contractors, activists and all sorts of other governmental parasites and hangers on. It may not have anyone in it that makes a real living in the private sector. Needless to say it is also a liberal bastion and getting more liberal each election. This district would be perfectly at home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Due to Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s ambitions to be Maryland’s next senator, the district has an opening. It turned out that there was quite a battle on the Democratic side in the primary (just completed) — the election that actually will determine the next office holder since the citizens of the district would rather have red-hot pokers up the jacksy than vote for a Republican.

It was a contest between a rich media celeb socialist, local news anchor and reporter Kathleen Matthews, wife of MSNBC’s Chris “Tingles” Matthews; rich socialist businessman, wine merchant David Trone; and rich socialist academic and State Senator Jamie Raskin, the son of covert commie royalty, Marcus Raskin.

It was a battle royale with each contender desperately trying to get to the left of the other. The marshmallow-headed Trone sounded like everyone’s slow cousin, promising all sorts of free stuff… because… uh… that’s good and who doesn’t like good? Trone rhymes with drone, as in drone-on. The dimwitted boob finished second. How that Bozo ever made money is a mystery. But maybe selling overpriced wine to liberals in a bright blue enclave is a smart business plan.

Matthews tried to corner the media glam celebrity Washington establishment market (Washington Post endorsement) and promised to fight the NRA and promote “gun safety,” banged the women’s pot and bowed before the usual liberal dogmas. Despite checking all the proper libtard political activism boxes for decades (and still being damn good-looking), a stint with a CORPORATION (hotelier Marriott as communications director for several years after leaving the news business) became a football for her opponents and she finished third. Here’s my little ahead-of-the-curve note.

Unlike Trone and Matthews who advertised heavily, Raskin barely lifted a finger and won it. He already had the local political organization built and he ran to the left and never stopped. As a kid, while daddy plotted the overthrow of the U.S. at the Institute for Policy Studies, young Jamie was squired around at places like Georgetown Day School and then Harvard for undergrad and law. He’s been one of the furthest left members of the giddily liberal Maryland Senate along with being a law professor at the uber-idiotic law school at The American University. His wife is a deputy secretary of the Treasury (Obama political appointee). She’s an Amherst and Harvard grad. Somehow this couple has made millions. When people like me complain about hypocritical lefty elites — these are the people we’re talking about. They want to take your money, and make a lot for themselves while doing it. They and their kids will never suffer the consequences of the policies they advocate — but you and I will.

I’d like to note — another self-promotion alert — my heroine Valerie Plum (see books on the right) lives in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. She’s superdepressed Kathleen Matthews lost but isn’t bummed since it won’t be turned over to Republicans.


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