The Great Uniter

Yeah, that’s Hillary Clinton.

Listening to her after her Indiana primary loss droning on how she’s the only one “who can unite us,” clearly referring to the country as a whole, not just the Democratic party. Then she proceeds to tear into everyone who disagrees with her, notably Republicans. Now that’s unifying.

You know that if a Republican were this hypocritical and dissonant he’d be savaged by the press.

Look, I know that Hillary Clinton is just cynically mouthing the pablum that animates the Dembots, but just listening to her flat, rote, lecturing delivery is pure torture. Real torture, not the “torture” referred to in Democrat “Not-Who-We-Are” terrorism talking points. Make terrorists listen to Hillary and they’ll talk!

As bad and awful as Trump is and will be, Hillary is so much worse.


One thought on “The Great Uniter”

  1. I haven’t got a crystal ball, but my scientifically unqualified gut feeling is that in a general election, “liar” still beats “nuts”. It’s going to be the battle of the negatives, who’s are worse.


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