Disinformation Peddlers

There comes a point where the consistent misreporting of something by a journalistic entity needs to be as a active disinformation campaign.

A good recent example is the “North Carolina law” which is regularly reported by the largest journalistic organs in America, print and electronic, as taking away “protections for the LGBT community.” Here was my take.

Another example is Hillary Clinton’s email problems.

As I occasionally note here, I listen daily to a little of Washington’s news radio leviathan WTOP. It’s worked hard to not cover what should be a juicy Washington story. You know that there are a thousand liberal journalists crying in their organic kasha and Starbucks mocha lattes that this didn’t happen to a Republican. If this had been a Republican it could have been bigger than Watergate.

Anyway, WTOP took another crack, ever-so-briefly at it Friday morning by regurgitating a couple of sanitized sentences from a Washington Post sanitization attempt. WTOP listeners were assured that as the lengthy investigation continued “there was no evidence that [Hillary Clinton] had any malicious intent.” They offered no explanation of the illegal personal email server controversy and then quickly moved on — nothing to see here, move along.

There’s two interesting points here. The first is that this is part of the new angle the DNC and the Clinton campaign is going to try to sell: “no malicious intent.” Remember, the first defensive line was that she had done nothing wrong/was a technophobe. Then there was the “Others/Republicans did it before me” line. Then the utterly ludicrous “no classified documents were ever received or sent” line. Or maybe those were in a different order. But the point is that they are now morphing the position that they will have their flying monkeys in the press peddle to she meant no harm so everyone should give her a break and just move on (sound a little familiar?).

Hey, let’s ask David Petraeus about “meaning no harm.”

The second point is that WTOP’s listeners are going to be surprised and furious IF Hillary gets indicted since they’ve been told nothing but that this whole thing is a Republican nothingburger. This is one of the most insidious ways the MSM spreads Democratic propaganda — by misleading many people who trust them to tell the truth. Keeping the populace basically ignorant. IF she is indicted many will initially wonder — How’d that happen? It must be a political coup launched by Republicans! That angle will be backed up by hard left members of Congress parroting it much in the same way the peddled Bill Clinton’s impeachment as being a “coup.”

The simple facts are not whether Hillary Clinton could be indicted, there’s already enough publicly known to guarantee that most anyone else in the same situation would have been indicted by now (ask David Petraeus!), but whether the FBI will recommend it and whether the Attorney General will do it.

If it goes forward, a lot of people are going to be shocked because they barely knew she was being investigated.


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