The Magic Conservative

Steve Hayward has a good piece here on the Trump phenomenon.

It’s amusing to watch some of the conservative NeverTrumpers go through the vapors over The Donald and refuse to vote for him.

When it is pointed out that by not voting Trump one is effectively voting for Hillary Clinton they take one of four positions: one — Trump is a doofus and not fit to be president (and Hillary Clinton is fit to be president?); two — My vote is sacred (so somehow that makes Hillary Clinton go away); three — Nuh-uh!; four — We need to get behind the Magic Conservative that will unite us all and defeat both Trump and Hillary in a general election (or somehow head-off Trump before the convention without alienating his supporters).

There are a lot of people cottoning onto the Magic Conservative. Who this person is has yet to be determined. Who could unite the disparate anti-Trump movement? Anyone? Bueller? Seriously, names?

There isn’t anyone. People, we have to deal with reality as it is, not as how we want it.

If you are locked in a room with rabid wolverines, zombies, aliens with proctology tools, whatever, and all you have is a stick not of your liking, well, you better use that stick because whining that the stick is crooked or too short, that things are unfair, holding your breath or calling for a timeout isn’t going to work.

The bigger enemy is Hillary Clinton. If you think that four years of Hillary Clinton is going to somehow make a significant majority of America come around to our way of thinking, you haven’t been paying attention the last seven years. Look around, the insanity is quickening. The generations of hard-working, self-sufficient people are dying out, being replaced by younger people educated by the Democratic Party-controlled educational industrial complex. Their first instinct is to damn the past and turn to the government to solve their problems. People who stand up for themselves, i.e. stick out, need to be pounded down in their eyes.

Four years of Hillary Clinton and the Dept. of Education and the education unions will have destroyed more kids. The politically correct insanity on college campuses will only get worse as the commissars in the DOE and its Inquisition-like and misnamed Office of Civil Rights continue their reign of terror.

More and more businesses are acting as the enforcers of radical, society-reorienting Democratic Party social policies. The SEC and several agencies have set up shakedown operations against businesses. Hollywood and most of the “entertainment industry” is openly at war with American history and traditional America itself. Parts of the government such as the EPA and the Park Service are at war with American business, land owners and organizations. The VA could be renamed Murder Inc. while the IRS attacks political opponents of Democrats.

Imagine four more years of government giveaways with promises of more to come. Dissolve a trillion dollars worth of student loans and then promise more free money. We already have a generation of young people for whom self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, etc. are considered archaic concepts and possibly even bad things. Four years of Clinton just continues that.

Remember that the Clintons essentially created the housing boom/bust. Obama is already pressuring banks to start making politically correct bad loans again. Think what the Clinton Crime Family can do with a head start like that. Not only will we have bad housing loans, we’ll have bad student loans too. And then there’s the plans to start measuring the racial and economic data of neighborhoods and rearranging them to reflect Democratic Party preferences. Talk about losing freedom. I can’t imagine Trump ever moving on that.

You’ve seen how badly HRC is with foreign policy. Think what she’ll do when she’s completely in charge.

The woman should be on her way to prison. Imagine how arrogant she will be after winning an election when she should have been indicted.

I harbor no thoughts that Trump will be much of a conservative. He doesn’t seem to have any political philosophy beyond being for whatever makes things easier for a big businessman like himself. That’s not necessarily a put down. But it does mean that he is not philosophically hostile to government overreach because he has no concept of it until it threatens him personally. He’s happily supported big government programs and politicians in the past.

Trump doesn’t understand the genius of the United States — the free market, capitalism, freedom of religion, speech and the press, private property rights, the sanctity of the individual — the political debate that brewed in England and its North American colonies from the 1600s forward. Or if he does he’s hidden it well. To him government is the boss. The big parent. The ultra-landlord. He makes deals, not philosophies. He probably doesn’t know who Adam Smith is beyond a guy who used to have a PBS show. Montesquieu, Bastiat, Burke, et al would be foreign names to him. He probably couldn’t name a Founding Father beyond the ones on the money. He likely couldn’t tell the difference between Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Deep down Trump is probably much closer to fascism… And closer to Hillary Clinton than he is to Ronald Reagan.

But he isn’t a Hillary clone. Even if he is 75% of Clinton, he’s not 100% Clinton. There are policies that he is good on, assuming he carries through with those.

Do you think Hillary is going to do anything about illegal immigration? Political correctness? Who’s more likely to stand up to cultural racists like Black Lies Matter? Who might shrink the government or at least curtail its galloping enlargement? Tackle the federal debt? Make the government function better? Her plan is to make every person dependent upon the government and every activity and moment in our lives under the thumb of government bureaucrats. Say what you will about Donald Trump, that’s not him.

He might be boorish and ignorant. Perhaps he’s somehow embarrassed you. He’s certainly made unnecessary enemies throughout the Republican Party. He tends to boast like schoolkid, like a drunk schoolkid sometimes. He tends to be reflexive rather than thoughtful or measured in his responses. He’s gives Obama a run in the narcissism department and like Obama lacks genuine humility and cannot admit a mistake. But he’s the only stick we got.

You either vote for him and try to stop President Hillary or you don’t and you are signaling you prefer a Clinton presidency over a Trump presidency. There isn’t a middle ground or alternative here. The Magic Conservative doesn’t exist. Frying pan or fire?

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