Do You Feel “Lucky,” Punk?

You might have heard about King Barry’s commencement speech last weekend at Howard University. If not you can read about it here or here.

In it The One was his typical nauseating, lecturing, self-congratulating self. To send the kids out into the world he told them that they didn’t get where they were by their own effort but they had simply gotten lucky in life’s lottery.

It’s a theme Obama has worked in various formats before — “You didn’t build that” (therefore I’m taking some of it from you) being one of his favorite.

As one can see by the links I referenced this dung-heap of a president was called out — though it means nothing to him — so I won’t replow that field.

What I will note is that I think one reason Obama thinks that all people who are “successful” got there by luck is that he himself has succeeded through luck and not much skill.

Think about it. Obama ran in 2008 against the incompetent candidate Hillary Clinton and he caught the Millennial Hyper-PC low-info voter wave to victory. John McCain’s unusually daft campaign helped immensely as well.

But more to the point, if Obama wasn’t black (half black), succeeding through copious amounts of affirmative action, reverse discrimination, low expectations and patronage deployed because of his color, he’d likely be a used car dealer, some mid-level government worker or business bureaucrat or political advisor to an anonymous state senator. He’d have never gotten into Harvard. He’d have never snagged a sweetheart book deal. He’d have never been elected to anything. If he were white and he’d had to survive on his wit — not insubstantial but overrated due to his color — no one but his immediate circle would ever have heard of him.

The man hasn’t really built anything in his life. He’s been a politician in one way or another most of his adult life — somehow effortlessly sucked forward, thanks to his color and ability to BS very well. Politicians don’t build things.

Most of the people hanging around him haven’t built anything or they come from wealth to begin with. The few that have “built” something are often amoral tech or entertainment executives for whom their sudden wealth from a single idea has a “winning the lottery” feel to it.

Much of his time has also been spent around academics, not exactly a den of up-by-their-bootstraps types. Academia has become a world of con men like Obama. Babblers who traffic in sophistry wherein they try to convince impressionable people that something like applying post-colonial queer theory to “The Vampire Diaries” is a worthwhile effort for which they should be permanently employed and nicely compensated.

He’s traveled in racist huckster circles for decades. They build nothing but grievance-monger machines, shakedown rackets and government money siphon devices. It’s all the life of the parasite.

Then there are all those lawyers populating his inner circle. The “law” is often a scam frequently deployed against successful people (the ones who have money). Lawyers build nothing, and then have the arrogance to pat themselves on the back for it.

And he’s hung around many government folks, elected and bureaucratic, along with NGOs and nonprofit groups. All these people want to do is control people, take their money and shakedown other people. None of these people build things. They take things.

Builders are the victims and prey of those I’ve previously mentioned. They are the sheep to be shorn.

In King Barry’s kingdom businessmen are a source of money — electoral funds, taxes and “gifts”; people to be regulated; people that must provide jobs; and lately, a force to be deployed for “social justice” against political enemies. Businessmen are also tools of the government. The government lets them survive in exchange for their submission. The government tolerates businessmen as long as they do the government’s bidding. Businessmen “succeed” and are allowed to keep some of their money (if they make any) at the magnanimous indulgence of that government. They should be grateful, in the eyes of The One.

Obama simply hasn’t spent much time around people who have worked hard and slowly built up a business. Those people aren’t part of the bubble he’s inhabited all of his life. He has no concept of their lives or their efforts so he assumes they don’t really exist or they are mistaken or lying about their situation. Like most things, he figures he knows more about their lives than they do. And he can sleep at night by convincing himself that no one built anything so therefore Obama’s not stealing anything. He’s just directing it where it really belongs. (Of course with a small handling fee extracted.)

He simply assumes that everyone is as duplicitous and superficial as he is.

And don’t even get me started on Michelle Obama…

What I just said also applies to everyone from Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders to Martin O’Malley. It is the belief system of the media, the low-information voter and all the members of the modern Democratic Party.

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