Facebook to Face the Music

Of course Facebook has been downplaying and demoting conservative “trends.” How is this really news?

All the big internet operations do it. It would be impossible to spend any time on a Yahoo site or put up with MSN or Verizon “news” selections while you check email without beginning to wonder if you haven’t accidentally wandered over to Mother Jones, Huff Po or the Democratic Party page. The news is always bad for Republicans or conservatives; liberal propaganda like “War on women,” “Rape Epidemic,” “hottest month, year in history” or some such deception, bad businesses, racist cops or some put-upon minority are the grist. Also diet, health and environmental scare stories are popular fodder as well. Then there are endless celebrity stories, “women’s” stories and food news too. Much of it is similar to the mindless, gossipy female-oriented fluff that populates TV morning shows but a significant portion is spun leftism. A conservative will rarely find anything to hearten them.

Having said that, I also add that Facebook is a private business. It can filter news and stories however it wants. People need to be aware that it is run by liberals and its content is selected by liberals, generally for other liberals (and to influence weak-minded independents). They aren’t going to hire conservatives. They don’t think much of you (though they will take your money).


The best way to counter this behavior is to walk away. Don’t reward liberals with your business.

I’ll add that I’m most certainly against Facebook being called up to Capitol Hill by Sen. John Thune to explain itself (even if it is publicly lying) . Facebook is a private company, it does not have to adhere to the First Amendment. It should not have to answer to Congress or any part of the federal government.

Publicly expose them for the libtards they are but leave them alone beyond that.


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