Hate Crime Liars Busted

Some good news…

Three racists tried to fabricate a “hate crime” at the State University of New York at Albany but video evidence has busted them as the actual perpetrators. Two stories here and here.

A lot more of this goes on than most people realize but the denouement on these is usually never covered while the initial charges are trumpeted from the rooftops. Blame the American news media for that one.

Couple that with the blatant misreporting we get on some cases like the Ferguson case and it’s surprising that there aren’t more of these cases.

Not surprisingly this happened on a college campus, ground zero for most of these falsehoods. Kids today live in a fantasy world wherein they are perpetual victims.

Fortunately video cameras everywhere busted these three miscreants.

I wonder what could have been their motivation? Did they feel left out because they weren’t in the news? Were they thinking about a big payday and some attention from our ham-fisted racist Prezzy? Were they working on their group thesis for their Grievance Studies major? Were they hoping to start their own Black Lies Matter franchise in Albany and then ride the gravy train onward?

BTW, I think the whole “hate crime” category is unholy and unConstitutional. When such circumstances are found they should fall under perhaps “aggravated” or “malicious” but simple thoughts shouldn’t be crimes.


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