Another Reason to Vote for Trump

If Hillary Clinton is elected president expect much more of this. If Donald Trump is elected I’d expect less of it.

For those of you understandably nervous about heading over to the resource intensive Hot Air site, the skinny is that the Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands, one Claude Earl Walker, is trying to subpoena 40 years’ worth memos from Exxon in an attempt to find them guilty of Global Warming Denial (and consequently give him and his employers and friends lots of money in a big fine).

Lefties like him would like to put a lot of businesses on trial. If Hillary Clinton is elected they’ll be encouraged to do more. If Trump is elected, I imagine they’d do less.

It’s office abusers like Claude Earl Walker (the name sounds like a serial killer, doesn’t it) who should be in the docket.

So far Exxon’s admirable leader Rex Tillerson has done an admirable job of resisting this imperial overreach.

Walker should be removed from office. He’s acting like a tyrant.

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