Is Trump “Unfit” to Be President?

I do enjoy greatly the roil that Trump has brought to the political landscape.

Half of me wants Donald Trump to win just to put a thumb into the eye of the Republican establishment and possibly, finally, drive a stake through the heart of the Clinton vampire criminal syndicate.

The other half would like to see Trump lose just to shut the mindless, iconoclastic, ultra-annoying Trump-supporting barbarians up.

A third half of me laments that we are in this choice of two people — one of whom will be a terrible president, possibly Obama-level awful and the other might be almost as bad. Wake me up when it’s over!

Daniel Hannan has an interesting piece, “The Real Reason Donald Trump Is Unfit to Be President.” He makes many valid points about Trump. I express a skepticism here.

But even if Trump is “unfit” to be president, is there a “fit” alternative?

Hillary Clinton is even less fit to be president. She’s a serial liar. She’s likely committed one or more felonies and that’s not including the email imbroglio. She was stunningly incompetent as Secretary of State and did nothing as Americans were killed in Benghazi.  If she were a Republican she’d have been declared a greater criminal than Nixon by now (and by the American media).

This has led me to a “Eureka!” moment.

I’ve often thought that we put too much into the presidency. The president has gotten too big (and I’m not just saying that because of the fool occupying it now). The presidency is too powerful (and that is especially aimed at the fool) and needs to be whittled down. The trappings of the president have gotten too large. The streets in front of the White House have been blocked off. Whenever the president wants to go anywhere even more roads get blocked off. I know this from living about a mile or so as the crow flies from it.

This president, King Barry I, travels with an entourage of several armored vehicles and when he travels abroad a small air force is involved and over a hundred vehicles can be transported across the ocean. He’s protected by an army of handlers and Secret Service agents.

Yes, he’s being protected from assassination but is that what we really want to do?

When one makes a fetish of protecting someone, doesn’t it make it an even more tempting target?

I say we should knock this effort down. Make the White Hose the people’s house once again.

Make all our enemies know that the president is a replaceable person. Kill him (or her) and another will step in. We’ll continue on. We are not dependent upon a particular leader.

We could, of course, help this transition along by shrinking the size of the federal government elephant that he rides. If Washington did not command so much power over our lives, fewer people would be interested in controlling it or fighting it.

So, to bring this back around to Trump. I like that Trump is shaking up the establishments of both professional parties. A President Trump might (that’s a big ‘might’) fire some people. That scares the Washington professional class because they all believe they are unfireable. Or a Pres. Trump might be isolated from the bureaucracy that he putatively heads. In which case it would lumber along on autopilot, proving that we don’t need a president (and that the federal bureaucracy is out of control and lives only for itself — a secret they do not want you to know).

Finally, President Trump could do a little to make real that fantasy that anyone in America can become president. That you don’t have to be a lifelong politician with a lot of connections to get there. I like that idea.

We idolize the presidency too much. Maybe it’s time to bring it back to Earth. I’m sure if there is a Pres. Trump Democrats will be reminding us of how little power the president really does have. Heck, they might even unpack the Tenth Amendment!

Catch me while I swoon.

4 thoughts on “Is Trump “Unfit” to Be President?”

  1. People give too much benefit of the doubt to Mr.Trump because he’s comedically entertaining, and somewhat because financial wealth is unwisely considered equivalent to virtue in our culture. But he’s still an unstable personality who acts and speaks like a middle school bully. You don’t knowingly give nuclear codes to such a person.


    1. Contrary to movies and novels, the president can’t simply launch a nuclear strike because his gazpacho is delivered cold or he and the First Lady just had a tiff. He’s not going to start World War III. It would be bad for business. Trump is no more “unstable” than a lot of unusually “successful” people. As wacky as he seems to be there doesn’t seem to be any stories of him chewing the carpet behind the scenes. Unlike most people who save their bad side for their private life, Trump publicly displays his crochety side. Your excellent description of his level of maturity, which would normally have disqualified him for higher office, has made him popular since a lot of people are yearning for someone who will show a little spine. The supineness of the Republican establishment and Congressional leadership made it possible for what should have been a handicap to become a strength.


      1. No stories? Today, before we have the black boxes, before we have any evidence besides wreckage debris, Trump said the crash of Egyptair flight 804 is definitely terrorism, and other statements like “When are we going to start acting strong?” The man issues threats first, and thinks (if ever) later. I believe that sort of recklessly impulsive behavior can have dire consequences on international events.

        Yes, the Trump “peasants revolt” does illustrate how frustrated and angry GOP voters are at what they perceive to be broken promises toward them from the GOPe. But anger has never been a wise starting point for making important choices.

        I interpret Trump’s popularity as evidence America has a much deeper vein of willful ignorance, overt racism and irrational fear than we (as a people) are comfortable admitting to. I do think it’s good his ascendancy has exposed this cultural cancer though. It’s a clear target for me to oppose at the most meaningful opportunity – when I vote.


      2. And before evidence has been in in the past we’ve Obama exonerate Muslims and we’ve had Hillary blame a video. Actually, on the Hillary front the evidence was in and she simply lied. These things are rarely rationally handled.
        So how’s that “terrorism” diagnosis looking now? Obviously Trump is a bit too hot for you. That’s fine. He might be an exploding cigar. We’ll see.


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