Is Something “Offensive” If No One Is Offended? UPDATED

The average common-sensical person would say no.

But your typical liberal would be challenged by that seeming tautological challenge and try to gauge the political angle. They could very well answer yes.

So the Washington Post decided to go for it in a poll asking “Native Americans” whether they were offended by the term “Redskins.” The Post has been one of the ringleaders of the movement to force the Washington Redskins to change their name because it was supposedly offensive. The liberal sports writers and reporters at the Post certainly found it offensive.

Give the Post credit for coming clean and admitting that its poll turned out an answer that ran against its desired result. In fact, the poll pretty much bitch-slapped the Post’s side (I was going to say ‘scalped’ but….). Accordingly 9 out of 10 polled said the term did not offend them.

So once again a liberal shibboleth goes down. Once again liberals claiming to be feeling for others turned out to only be feeling for themselves. And once again political correctness proves to be mental madness.

So are liberals going to be more humble; a bit more circumspect; perhaps willing to examine differing views to their own; proceed more slowly next time and gather some facts; learn from their mistakes; admit they were wrong?

Hell no!

If you think liberals are interested in the facts and will respond rationally and with common sense then you don’t know liberals. That’s what makes them liberals.

Liberals occupy fact-free zones with their anti-fact shields at the ready to fend off any facts that might creep through. Plus, they KNOW they are right about everything because… well, they are liberals. So there! End of discussion.

And sure enough, no sooner was the poll out than Sporting News, in an unsigned article, went into “La, la, la, la, not listening” mode. They deployed several writers to call around and find some “Native Americans” who insisted they were offended and that they were the true “Native Americans,” not those frauds in some poll. Gotta keep the spirit up. It’s a long march.

This issue will go away, like so many others, only when the liberals get their way. Liberals brook no disagreement.

Update: Despite this issue blowing up in their face, Yahoo! Sports, another ringleader in the Change The Name brigade, continues to beat their dead horse. Jay Busbee ran through his Rolodex calling former Redskins to find some, or any, who would still pimp the change-the-name meme. He finally found Tre Johnson, an offensive lineman who played for the team in the 1990s and retired almost 15 years ago. Johnson’s take was so what that no one was offended, it’s still offensive and who cares about the majority anyway…  This is the only article they’ve done on this since yesterday. As I said above, this issue only goes away when the liberals get their way.  Their way is the only way.

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