The Misreporters

I’m returning to a theme I’ve hit several times — the purposeful misreporting of the whole “transgender” and bathrooms issue, especially by Washington’s news radio station WTOP.

Once again on Thursday morning a WTOP reporter reported on an incident and essentially read from what was likely a press release from an LGBT activist group.

According to the reporter a “transgender woman” was “assaulted” in a bathroom at a local grocery store by a security officer. The officer was trying to remove “her” from the women’s restroom. What prompted this was unsaid. Were there complaints about “Ebony,” a very butch-sounding “woman”? Or did the bigoted officer just do it for fun? The skeletal information tells me what likely happened but the reporter was trying to spin it gay-friendly. One trick reporters use is to leave out facts that don’t fit the narrative.

But let’s circle back to “transgender woman.” Is that a man wanting to be a woman or a woman wanting to be a man? Is it a man claiming to be a woman or a woman claiming to be a man? Is it a man dressed as a woman or vice versa? Is it someone seeking to change themselves into the opposite gender of their birth or is it simply a transvestite? It was never explained.

These terms are tossed around like everyone is going to understand them, much less agree with them or accept the definitions and situation.

I suspect what the officer saw or heard about from a customer was one of those creepy man-loudly-dressed-as-a-woman heading into the restroom or occupying it for a long time. Or he may have gone in as a man and was using it to change (into a ‘woman’) before a night out on the streets.

No doubt the grocery store will cashier the officer or the contractor. The reporter practically sneered that the officer belonged to a “third-party security firm.” That means they are guilty.

Then the company will croak that this is a learning experience and they will institute training for their workers to be sensitive to the sexually confused and mentally unstable. And who will conduct this training? Some of the very same groups that agitate and raise money on this topic. Talk about a racket.

No longer will the restrooms in the grocery stores be safe. And yet another part of our everyday lives will be taken from us and given to the freaks. The tail wags the dog again.

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