The Height of Hypocrisy

Or maybe it’s simply the typical cluelessness of the media liberal.

For some strange reason a late night show host named Trevor Noah has taken after Megan Kelly for her interview with The Donald. Noah whines that she pitched softballs at Trump when she should have ripped him, like, he insinuates, everyone else does when interviewing political figures.

Anyone familiar with how the media covers political figures will be given a moment to lift their jaw from the floor.

Is Noah that clueless or did he do it as some kind of winking shtick or just as a ham-fisted cultural commissar?

Has he not watched a single interview of Hillary Clinton this year? Has he not watched any Obama interview since Obama started running for president over nine years ago? Has he somehow missed every interview of a Democrat on shows such as The View? The same for any interview by Oprah, Ellen, Matt Lauer or Barbara Walters? Is he wholly unfamiliar with the famous 60 Minutes interview of the Clintons (arranged by the DNC to repair the bad image and thoroughly coordinated by legendary 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt and the Clinton campaign to soft-pedal them).

Or is he simply referring to the unwritten media rule that Democrats must treated reverentially while Republicans must be savaged?

Or perhaps I’m overanalyzing this and Noah is simply comforting his audience of special snowflakes, assuring them that the bad ol’ Republicans and Fox News are going to get their because that’s what happens to bad people.


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