A Star and Starr-Crossed

Dr. Thomas Sowell, like Victor Davis Hanson and Glenn Reynolds, just has a simple, smooth, transparent delivery of profound insight and deep knowledge. I’ll read an item just because he wrote it, rather than having to decide to check it out via the title.

Here Sowell tells it like it is — “Commencement Season” — taking to task so many college commencement speakers and their dimwitted, spoiled-rotten student audiences. Read it (and weep).

We really do have to clean out the Augean Stables that our colleges have become.

And speaking of cleaning out colleges — pity poor Ken Starr. Looks like he’s going to be the sacrificial goat for the football scandal at Baylor. Usually a football scandal takes out a football coach (or three) and then the athletic director. The head of the school is usually far enough removed that he’s unlikely to be harmed. He didn’t recruit or sign the players or coaches performing the nefarious deeds. And one can already hear the baying liberals and their schadenfreude.

It’s truly amazing the hatred in a liberal’s heart. They crow about Starr’s expected demise and remind themselves how he was defeated in his efforts “to get” Bill Clinton. If you’ve ever heard a libtard talk about Starr they seem to be under the impression that he was self-appointed or appointed by Newt Gingrich or appointed by some dark, Christo-Republican cabal. They are always surprised to learn that he was properly appointed by a bipartisan group, including Janet Reno. They are in complete denial over Clinton’s crimes and see his escape as proof of innocence rather than Senate Democrats refusing to do their sworn duty. Remember, libtards, OJ was found not guilty as well by a biased jury.

Starr’s regime at Baylor hasn’t been exactly smooth. Yes, Baylor is a “conservative” school in Texas but that’s a relative term these days. Even in Texas. He’s been under constant attack (many of which seem to emanate from the University at Texas in Austin) and from some Baylor faculty who have never liked the idea that Clinton’s “Javert” was the public face of the school. Even Texas-based professors worship Slick Willie.

There are no schools in America (other than maybe Hillsdale) that are safe from liberal infiltration and machination. They view the whole educational system in America as their play toy. Even in Texas. At my bachelor’s alma mater, Southern Methodist University (in Dallas, the ‘City that killed Kennedy’), there was a small faculty rebellion over the decision to place the George W. Bush Presidential Library there. They actually wanted to turn away the presidential library of a man who was also a former governor of Texas and part owner of the local professional baseball team. What is wrong with these people? The depth of hatred in a liberal is bottomless.


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