The Apologizer in Chief

Once again our king, neé, savior, Barry the All-Knowing, has decamped the fair land to apologize for American successes of the past.

This edition finds the Wondrous One in Japan speaking in his patented flowery-freshman pseudo-deep cant, subtly issuing regrets for things he was not involved in.

Basically he was apologizing for the acts of men ten, no, a thousand times more worthy than him. The men who ended World War II with a victory for freedom.

Why would one apologize for that? Only in the confused, upside-down mind of a liberal does that make sense.

Had Obama been in charge in World War II we’d be speaking German or Japanese now.

Larry O’Connor has a good piece here but there are many of them around.

Just a point here, one of the liberals’ tricks in events like this is to take things out of context. In Hiroshima Obama was lamenting the use of an atomic weapon. In his telling, in line with the standard libtard anti-nuclear stance, the United States just decided to drop an atomic bomb on a Japanese city for the heck of it. Don’tcha know, the Japanese were about to surrender! The bomb was only dropped to send a message to the Russians! And maybe for a little racial revenge too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama and his ignorant minions saw it something like this, c. August 6, 1945:

Racist Privileged White American Male Pilot Flying in Corporate Death Machine of Imperialism: “Hey, guys, where should we dump this fancy new bomb that we’re carrying around?”

Racist Privileged White American Male Co-Pilot Flying in Corporate Death Machine of Imperialism: “I dunno. That wholly innocent city filled with wholly innocent slant-eyed yellow-skinned Nips just below us might be a good place.”

Racist Privileged White American Male Navigator Flying in Corporate Death Machine of Imperialism: “Yeah, that’ll show those Russkies!”

“Bombs away!” they cackle in unison.

When one sees things through that lens, suddenly being guilt-ridden and issuing a ridiculous series of semi-apologies makes sense. Obama and most liberals these days are only vaguely aware that there was a war going on at that time. They are even less knowledgeable of Japanese conduct at the time. The few nuggets they have been exposed to are purposeful misinformation put out by leftists, especially in our education and entertainment industries. Hot Air’s Allahpundit has a sad story here. Yes, Americans are getting dumber.

Watch this apologizing for the past activism to grow. It’s one of the driving characteristics of modern liberalism. It plays well with a populace bathed in ignorance and misinformation. It’s the animating educational principle in schools. And it makes one feel superior to those awful people of the past. They got nothing right so it’s up to us enlightened modern folks to reform society and clean up the mess. That’s why “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” is the perfect line for the kids.

(Update: Thanks to Invisible Mikey for bailing me out of a boneheaded mistake.)


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