The Depravity of the Liberal

To see the depravity of the liberal mind; the inherent viciousness; the calcified amorality/immorality, just take a look at the comments section of this story on Ken Starr’s resignation as chancellor at Baylor.

Liberals will never forgive Starr for his investigations of Bill Clinton. More than a few think Starr was somehow self-appointed. Several of them see absolutely nothing wrong with an older, politically powerful married man having his way with a confused young girl under his care. The number who wish him ill is disturbing.

The man upheld the law and decent morality. He was not arrogant and always played by the rules. And for that they’d pillory him.

Most assuredly they are Hillary and Bernie supporters.

Has decency become the enemy for these people? Is it too much to expect people to behave?

Well, these are liberals. They cheer on criminal behavior and aggressively excuse misbehavior, especially among minorities. Pointing out foibles and failures will receive vitriol from them. Unless, of course, it’s the weakness of a Republican or conservative, wherein the liberal will chortle and frolic, rather than despair that someone has failed to live up to their ideals.

I’m sure if these men, and most of them are men, were to have their young daughter seduced by a politically powerful older man, they’d feel different. Or would they? It’s hard to know just how far a liberal has fallen in their servitude to evil.


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