What Do You Call the Gall That Gall Demonstrates?

Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton gives a speech on how her record on foreign policy qualifies her to be president, especially compared to the foreign policy of Donald Trump? And insists that Trump is “unfit” to be president?

That’s a lot of gall. It’s like Mario Mendoza giving hitting tips, if you know your baseball analogies. He’d be more effective telling you what NOT to do and the same for Hillary Clinton. If there’s an expert at failing at foreign policy, it’s Hillary Clinton. She can give pointers to President Trump on what NOT to do.

Yet she trots it out as if it’s some badge of success.

Kind of like her insistence that her email practices were identical to those of previous secretaries of state. No matter how many times she’s told that they weren’t she chirpily repeats the lie.

Not a single previous secretary of state had a private email server. None. Nada. No one.

She seems to hang her big fib on the fact that Colin Powell sent about two-dozen emails from an AOL account (or some such similar) way back when — long before the email practices of the State Dept. were settled upon.

Hillary Clinton sent tens of thousands of policy-violating emails. It’s the difference between an anthill and Mt. Everest.

It really is like the kid who kills his parents and then begs the court for mercy because he’s an orphan.

You’d almost have to applaud her on her chutzpah but, well, she’s the handmaiden of Satan and knows exactly what she’s doing.

Laugh all you want but, you know deep down, it’s true.


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