Democrat Brown Shirts

We’ve now seen violence committed outside of political rallies for Donald Trump in California several times. No one disagrees that the instigators are hardcore leftists (apparently with pro-Mexican Aztlan ‘Reconquista’ types who are also hard left).

Interestingly, the American news media seems only mildly interested in this and have yet to ask Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders whether they condemn this behavior.

Of course had this been “Republicans” protesting or “Tea Party” members or anyone who could possibly be associated with either group, the news media would be covering this “assault on democracy” 24/7 and the media along with the Democratic party would be demanding that every Republican denounce the thugs. It wouldn’t be beyond the Pale that some Democrats would be offering legislation to shut such protests down.

Remember the famous “Brooks Brothers ‘Riot’” in Florida?

But since it is Democrats and their sympathizers, the violent protesting is okay, much in the way that union violence against nonunion workers, managerial employees and company property is considered acceptable. In fact, when it comes to leftists and protesting, it’s seen as something natural, even noble.

Make no mistake, this type of authoritarian, fascist, brown shirt behavior is just an inkling of what will come as the Democratic party moves leftward. Those people tolerate no dissent.


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