Obama Displays His Sense of Humor

King Barry I doesn’t get enough credit for his wicked sense of humor. I’m not talking about the stiff “White House Corespondents’ Dinner” shtick he trots out every year or his ham-handed use of black slang like “okie-doke.” I’m referring to a higher-level humor — for instance displayed in his recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office,” he effervesced, in describing the likely Democratic nominee and felony-committer. Now that’s comedy gold.

He probably laughed his hienie off after he said it. I’m sure the gathered VIPs were laughing too.


Wait, you think he was serious?

Nah, no human being even remotely intelligent could think that a woman who was one of the most divisive First Ladies ever, with barely one Senate term under her belt and a disastrous four-year run as Secretary of State is the most “qualified” person “ever” to run for office.

Hold on, maybe there’s something I’m missing. Lessee, she chaired the board of the liberal activist make-work agency the Legal Services Corp. for a few years during the Carter era. She was a partner at an important Little Rock, Ark. law firm, the Rose Law Firm. During that time laws were broken by the firm and many of her clients went to jail while she actually didn’t seem to do any real work on her own (but billed some big dollars). Her big deal there was being married to an up and coming state politician named Bill Clinton. Then as First Lady she tried to nationalize the health care industry and was unceremoniously told to return to her normal duties. And snipers shot at her in Bosnia. Or something like that.

Hey, she has a law degree from Yale!

Sure sounds like most-qualified to me.

I mean all Jefferson had was lead author of the Declaration of Independence; delegate to the Virginia House of Burgesses for six years; delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates; a co-author of the Virginia state constitution; two-time governor of Virginia (one-year terms); delegate to the Congress of Confederation; diplomat to France during the revolution; the second Secretary of State (1791-93); second Vice President of the United States (1797-1801); and author of numerous historical, philosophical and political tracts (not to mention dabblings in a wide range of sciences). Those are the highlights before he was elected third President of the United States (two terms).

Yeah, Hillary’s got him beat.

Okay, that wasn’t fair — all those guys back then such as Washington, Adams, Madison, even Aaron Burr, appear to us as giants.

Let’s pick on some of the presidents usually seen as less-qualified.

William Henry Harrison had a cup of coffee in the White House in 1841. He served as a territorial congressional delegate from the Northwest Territory; governor of the then Indiana Territory; Representative and Senator from the new state of Ohio; minister to Colombia; and was a successful general in a number of battle in conflicts, including the War of 1812.


Okay, how about a definitive non-entity, Franklin Pierce? He was a delegate to the New Hampshire House of Representatives (eventually becoming speaker); was a state militia reformer; Representative from New Hampshire for two terms; was a Senator but resigned for political reasons before his term ended. He served ably in the Mexican-American War; or rather his commands did while he seemed to be personally snakebit.

That non-entity might have Hillary beat.

Okay, here’s a slam-dunk, the oft-derided Warren Gamaliel Harding. Harding started out as a journalist and newspaper owner. He was a one-term state senator in Ohio; lieutenant governor of Ohio; one-term Senator from Ohio. Not the most sterling resume but it’s equitable to Hillary Clinton’s, and Harding is considered at the lower end of qualified. Ironically, Harding’s strong-willed wife Florence, similar in many ways to Hillary Clinton, was a highly-competent mate (businesswoman and political advisor) and a better First Lady than Hillary Clinton ever was. Also ironically, Harding was dogged by the accusations of an affair with an infatuated young woman, Nan Britton. He likely was a philanderer of ALMOST Clintonian proportions.

One more note of irony, Teapot Dome took place under Harding, though he was not involved. It looks absolutely quaint compared to what happens these days. Here’s something that cropped up recently on Hillary’s watch.

So what is the guy considered the smartest occupant of the White House talking about if he was being serious?

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