The Conspiracy to Keep You Stupid (and Liberal)

Power Line’s John Hinderaker catches NPR’s Terry Gross (surprise!) and the New York Times’ Nicholas Casey  (double surprise!) playing dumb about socialism and the effects of it. Obviously, acknowledging the failure of socialism, in Venezuela in this case, would scotch the whole grand socialist plan, currently in its “Elect Hillary” or “Elect Bernie” edition.

Check out “NPR + NYT: A Recipe for Cluelessness” and spread it around.

Take special note of their attempt to equate Donald Trump with Venezuela’s failed socialist enterprise.

This is one way the leftists and their media attack dogs keep people ignorant of what leftism is about.

Oh, and it’s also a reason to make sure we stop funding and never further develop national “public broadcasters” of any kind. Make NPR survive on its own. There are plenty of wealthy socialists out there that could spend their dime, not mine, to keep it afloat.


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