Is Obama a Terrorist Sympathizer?

After his, to be generous, rote performance concerning the Orlando shootings, it seems clear to me that President Obama has sympathies for terrorists of a certain flavor.

We know from his past that he has ex-Weather Underground terrorist friends and political allies (e.g. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn). He’s almost certainly met with others such as Angela Davis, surviving Black Panthers, and many of his early mentors in the “community activist” world have questionable pasts. Obama, no doubt, views these people as noble and working for good causes. He accepts that they needed to break a few rules to do the greater good — AKA, the ends justified the means. So starting at this point, Obama, certainly further than any president ever, does not find terrorism to be an unacceptable or disqualifying activity (at least for those doing what he wants). He likely sees the need to go that far as demonstrating one’s true commitment to a cause (if it’s one he agrees with, that is; Tea Party people, for instance, are not considered in the same way).

Of course there’s Obama’s whole academic career, transparent and dark at the same time. Academia is a cesspool of terrorist worship, especially in the elite schools.

Moving on another line, I think that Obama’s charitable view of Islam is dominated by his own experience as a child in Indonesia. He spent a few years in a Muslim-dominated community and, as we have seen in numerous cases, considers himself an expert on Islam. This leads to his inability to attribute the actions of Muslim terrorists to Islam, no matter how many times they say the are motivated exclusively by Islam. Obama, in his Pope of Islam mode, feels he knows more about what is true Islam than these people who have spent their whole lives as Muslims. Obama looks back to his own past and sees his young play chums. He just can’t imagine they’d grow up to be bad people therefore there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist, in his reasoning. He pushes it a little further and, voila!, he absolves Islam of being responsible for any terror or any bad conduct anywhere — because, tautologically, that is not “true” Islam!

And, naturally, reinforcing these leanings, is the standard liberal hate-America, America-is-responsible-for-all-that-is-bad mindset, which causes him to look everywhere else for the cause of a terrorist act other than the one obvious explanation. In many cases the exact causation is provided by the perpetrator but Det. Obama is on the case and he’ll find the “one true” cause. Hence we are constantly subjected to Obama’s refusal to name Islam as any kind of motivating force but rather the problem is guns or American diplomatic, military and business activities in the Middle East or insufficient spending on educational opportunities or… Well… anything but Islam.


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