I was amused hearing Hillary Clinton castigate Donald Trump because he wants to “Make America great again.” According to her he was implying that it is no longer great. She (and Michelle Obama, the newly crowned Pericles, taking the crown from her husband) insists that America is great right now.

Yet, coming out of the other side of Hillary’s mouth was a series of promises of “change” for America. So, Hill, if it’s so great why the desperate need for “change”? Or is this just a buzzword that polls well with our idiot Millennials (and Gen Xers)?

It’s acknowledged that the “change” pitch is aimed at Sanders’ socialist lumpenproletariat, which of course means that Hillary is actually covertly peddling socialism (as Obama did in his 2008 campaign). She’ll make great use, as Obama did in 2008 with “race,” of masking that with the “Making History” cloak enabled by their practice of identity politics.

I’m also amused about her running a campaign on “competence” and “foreign policy successes.” Like “honesty” and “trust,” those are two terms that one can’t seriously associate Hillary Clinton with. Yet one characteristic of the modern liberal is the belief that one simply has to assert something for it to be true. Its actually truth is immaterial in comparison to the assertion.

We’ve already suffered nearly two terms of one such president.


Bee’s Broad Sense of Humor

Poor CNN, it stepped a few feet away from the herd and it was yanked back via its leash. Naughty, naughty, mustn’t stray away from the liberal pack…

Doubly amusing, leading the squelching charge was an alleged comedienne, Samantha Bee.

Triply amusing, CNN’s groveling apology abrogating all attempts at humor to Humor Commissar Bee (bee-cause she obviously has such a broad, open-minded sense of humor).

I’m not exactly sure how someone can claim to be a purveyor of humor while also being a censor.

I’m not the first to note that we live in a time when humor has been caged, with certain people, subjects, events, etc., rendered untouchable (unhumorable?), while select others (i.e. Christians, white males [esp. dead ones], WASPs) are considered the only acceptable topics/targets for humor.

Clearly, Hillary jokes are off-limits at CNN and the Bee Hive. She who must not be mocked!

But, remember, Bee is a comedienne (and THE ONLY FEMALE HOST OF A LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW, the article helpfully reminds us because that’s important in our world of hyper-identity) so if she says it — it is funny and if she doesn’t, don’t go there.

Silver Formalizes NBA as Arm of Dem. Party

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has essentially formalized the National Basketball Association as an arm of the Democratic Party by pulling the 2017 NBA All-Star Game from Charlotte, where it had been previously scheduled for several years, and is now shopping it around to other cities (gay-friendly cities, no doubt).

The reason, North Carolina’s “restroom law.” The law makes it clear that “transgender” people, homosexual people and others sexually confused folks will not be given special rights but rather have to follow the laws that the vast majority of us have to follow.

This did not make Silver and his fellow alternative sexuality activists happy. Silver and others apparently feel that homosexuals and “transgenders” make up a significant portion of the “NBA community” and would be inconvenienced in Charlotte during the game festivities. That’s his priority, folks, not basketball.

That the law actually changes nothing from what has taken place before, and the NBA has been playing games there for decades, is ignored by Silver & Co., who prefer to claim that the state is initiating some kind of Inquisition-style environment. I guess in the Silverized NBA homosexual activity and transgenders are considered commonplace in the league.

The NBA, and its redheaded stepdaughter, the WNBA, are being rapidly politicized – and it’s only liberal, Democrat-friendly politics that are welcomed by these self-professed “tolerant” and “diverse” cultural commissars. The WNBA, long with an open lesbian cohort, is even more political – often resembling a Women’s Studies Center on a college campus. The WNBA’s current political bone is mandatory Black Lies Matter support. Its players seem to think that its handful of fans are paying to hear their thoughts rather than watch them play. Who knows, perhaps they are right.

But as an NBA fan, I know most basketball fans are paying to see the players play, not lecture us politically.

Sadly, as I’ve noted before, liberals will politicize everything; sports included. Unless they are stopped.

So I’m taking a stand. I will henceforth boycott the NBA. No more NBA Network – and  I watch a lot of games – I even watched most of the Summer League games. No more broadcast NBA. No more Comcast Sports Washington Wizards games. No more Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball – I  won my league last year and I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.

Until the NBA gets back to what it is supposed to do, playing basketball, I’m cutting it off, Commissioner Silver. It can no longer claim me as a fan or a viewer. But I’m sure that Adam Silver’s gay and transgender buddies will make up for the loss of my eyes. After all, that’s who he thinks are the important people for the NBA.

I guess I’ll be watching more baseball and more hockey (I’ve given up on the NFL and most college football). I will still watch college basketball.

About Those Anti-Trump“Tech Leaders”

You might have caught this piece ersatz political news – “’Tech Leaders’ Stand Against Trump.” Here’s the original “Letter” that spawned a bunch these so-called news stories.

It was, like so much political campaign news, really more of a primitive mating dance rather than a real event. What happens is someone from a Democratic campaign (this supposedly resembles some of the stuff hacked from the Clinton campaign) calls one or more of the media toadies and, voila!, a piece of “news” runs in newspapers and on TV news shows.

In this “news,” these “Tech Leaders” think that a Trump presidency will slow “innovation” down.

Somehow, I don’t think The Donald will slow innovation down. Seems to me he’d likely get more ahead of it, especially by trimming strangling regulation.

Hillary just wants to make “innovation” a creature of the government and several of these “Tech Leaders” simply want to clamp their lips on the government funding teat.

These “Tech Leaders” seem to think that “innovation” emanates from “diversity” rather than from intelligence and hard work. Actually, they know the truth which is why this whole thing is a disgusting charade.

Hey “Tech” guys (and gals), didn’t so much of this innovation (that made several of you insanely wealthy) happen while America was a backward bigoted, racist, sexist, etc. country?

So I take note of these abusers of their positions. Note to corporate heads, I will no longer be considering, buying or using your services.

If you looked at this list, you might be scratching your head because you might not have heard of a lot of these “Tech Leaders” or their companies. It should be noted that many of them are the heads of small, fly-by-night companies created simply to get acquired by a larger company and pay off early money investors (several of which are also on this list) and start-up executives. The acquiring company often ends up writing off the acquisition, hosing its own shareholders.

Oh, and some of that money finds its way into the coffers of the Democratic Party.

As for others on the “Trump will stop innovation” list – Vint Cerf, Barry Diller, Irwin Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, William Kennard, Pierre Omidyar, Jimmy Wales and Steve Wozniak should know better.

I don’t know about you but I really don’t consider Jesse Jackson (along with a handful of other political hacks on the list) to be a “Tech Leader.”

Vinod Khosla and several others on this list have long been wealthy Dem tech hucksters (think Al Gore).

So, these allegedly sharp “Tech Leaders,”  support the technophobe candidate who can’t secure her own email or is confused about her smartphone and other tech devices. Interesting.

Most of the comments seem to be hostile to these puffed-up courtiers but some are supportive. Amazingly, most of those supportive tend to be of the same type, an illustration of the classic libtard trait of  “moral signaling.” Hence most sound like, “I consider it an honor to include myself with this stellar group of technology thought leaders on whatever it is they are saying negative about people we don’t like.”

And They Wonder Why They Are Hated

So Melania Trump gives a decent enough speech… So what does the lame-stream media do? Follows their orders from the DNC and immediately parrots the DNC talking points that were issued within minutes of the speech: Melania “plagiarized” Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008.

No focus on Melania’s whole speech – coming to America and loving it rather than actually plagiarizing Obama’s speech, a crabbed, angry speech only rescued by her confession that she finally thought America was worthy of her because it had nominated her husband.

No, it hung on the Democrats’ whine that half a dozen sentences resembled another half a dozen sentences on the topic of family values.

This dog whistle groupthink response to Melania Trump… Crush, Kill, Destroy…

Anyone doubt how “Amazing,” “Historical,” “Epic,” “Truly Patriotic,” etc. the speeches from Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton are going to be labeled by the media?


And the folks in the media wonder why so many people, especially Republicans and conservatives, have walked away from newspapers along with broadcast and cable news programming.

I work in the media. I’m never surprised by the liberal mentality of my colleagues. Not all are liberals but the liberals dominate and they think that EVERYONE agrees with them (except for the scary rubes in-between the coasts). Derogatory comments about Republicans (and conservatives) are issued as easily as if one were commenting on the hot, humid summer weather in Washington. Even from people on the supposedly “business” side of the industry such as ad sales.

They really cannot conceive that some colleagues might not agree with them. Sometimes I don’t think they would even care if they knew.

Tuesday morning I caught a few minutes of one of the local idiotic morning shows, “Good Morning Washington.” They are a reliable barometer of media groupthink. You’d have thought by their coverage that Melania’s speech was about 15 seconds long. It could not have been scripted any better by the DNC if it had been shot at their headquarters.

And the show has reliably done the same with each recent cop shooting. The morning after they trot out some fresh-faced Black Lies Matter members or supporters. The questions are softballs and never, ever reflect anything that previously happened. The BLM coterie insist that they are wonderful and peaceful people who never say anything vociferous. They are all well-meaning community activists. One of them insisted that rap and hip-hop are never angry but always peaceful and loving. The bubble-headed show hosts go right along, never asking a critical question or inquiring about the incident.

This type of cluelessness can’t be completely accidental.

And then there is something like this – the blatant, bald-faced (possibly psychotic) lying of Hillary Clinton on a TV program. Imagine if this were a Republican, we’d never hear the end of it. The media would be asking when the Republican was going to surrender the nomination and they’d be demanding every Republican that can be found “condemn” the lies.

But a Democrat?

Nothing to see here. Move along. Hey, did you hear, Donald Trump said something we don’t agree with?

And they wonder why they are held in the same esteem as Congress and used car salesmen.

The Arrogance of the Star

This is just depressing. It seems that numerous NBA stars are wanting to go full force into turning the league into an arm of the Democratic party.  And, yes, when they talk about politics, they mean liberalism.

These stars need to understand that they are popular because they play well not because anyone cares what they think on other topics.

If you want to do politics, quit the game and run for office or go on a lecture tour. Or wait until retirement. Be judged on that, not your athletic prowess.

Do not confuse your skill and popularity on the court, the field, the diamond, the ring, etc., with approval of your other thoughts and actions outside of athletics. This is the mistake that Wade, Paul, James, Anthony, et al, are making. Hollywood celebrities also make this mistake.

Please, stop turning every minute and activity of our lives into a political stage to be fought over.

Adam’s Appalling Plan

I caught NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s Summer League press conference on Tuesday night. Of the three or so big issues he addressed, he went after the scheduled 2017 NBA  All-Star game in Charlotte, N.C. He said that the NBA had yet to make a decision on whether to change the venue. He didn’t mention why they would change venues concerning a long-scheduled commitment but everyone knows it’s because of the “North Carolina Restroom Law.” Silver doesn’t like the law, preferring to grant sexually confused men special rights to use whatever restroom they wish to use – everyone else be damned. When Adam doesn’t like something he expects changes to be made.

Silver, long suspected to be gay, is using the NBA to promote homosexuality and, along the same line, getting it increasingly involved in political issues. In response to a question about the growing political stances (all liberal) that players, teams and the league have taken lately, Silver proudly approved and wanted more. For him everything is political. He’s a deep believer in the left-wing cant that “The personal is the political.”

That is the mentality that dominated the Soviet Union, Red China and other liberal-run countries. Everything was seen through a political lens, especially things like sports. No aspect of daily life could be considered a safe refuge from politics and it eventually led to a society where you were judged (and eventually condemned) on your politics.

That’s the world the liberals and Democrats want to institute. They must be resisted.

On a similar track, another Yahoo! Sports hack writer, Ben Rohrbach, “reported” on four Minneapolis cops walking off a part-time security gig at a WNBA game when members of the Minnesota Lynx wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

Rohrbach castigated the officers for their action. He applauded the gals for their racism however. In the writer’s mind, some opinions are acceptable or even commendable while others (the cops’) are to be condemned.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.