Budweiser Gets Political

I just caught the latest Budweiser ad, part of the continuing series with Amy “My cousin is Chuck” Schumer and Seth Rogan. These groaning ads have a political tinge to them, having been launched at the beginning of the political campaign season.

Schumer and Rogan have been insistent that the ads are all about things everyone agrees with. Funny how “everyone” seems to be a liberal…

In this iteration, which begins with the “women are paid less” canard, Schumer tells Rogan how she has to pay more for cars, shampoo and dry cleaning but not a Bud (and that Bud believes in ‘equal pay,’ Schumer coos) . Rogan gets agitated and starts calling people because he thinks his mom is being ripped off.

Yes, it’s recycling the hoary and long-discredited “wage gap” (how could Rogan plausibly in his 30+ years of life never have heard of this since it is repeated ad nauseum in the media????).

Oddly, Amy forgot to tell Seth that he has to pay more for a lot of insurance coverage plans… just because he is a male. Does she not care?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bud edge into the LGBT “women’s restroom” debate soon in these ads and I think we know which side “everyone” will agree with. Even if everyone doesn’t agree with it.

Just another company turning into a liberal cudgel to beat us with.

Time to look for a new beer if you were a “Bud” man or woman.

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