The Arrogance of the Star

This is just depressing. It seems that numerous NBA stars are wanting to go full force into turning the league into an arm of the Democratic party.  And, yes, when they talk about politics, they mean liberalism.

These stars need to understand that they are popular because they play well not because anyone cares what they think on other topics.

If you want to do politics, quit the game and run for office or go on a lecture tour. Or wait until retirement. Be judged on that, not your athletic prowess.

Do not confuse your skill and popularity on the court, the field, the diamond, the ring, etc., with approval of your other thoughts and actions outside of athletics. This is the mistake that Wade, Paul, James, Anthony, et al, are making. Hollywood celebrities also make this mistake.

Please, stop turning every minute and activity of our lives into a political stage to be fought over.


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