Bee’s Broad Sense of Humor

Poor CNN, it stepped a few feet away from the herd and it was yanked back via its leash. Naughty, naughty, mustn’t stray away from the liberal pack…

Doubly amusing, leading the squelching charge was an alleged comedienne, Samantha Bee.

Triply amusing, CNN’s groveling apology abrogating all attempts at humor to Humor Commissar Bee (bee-cause she obviously has such a broad, open-minded sense of humor).

I’m not exactly sure how someone can claim to be a purveyor of humor while also being a censor.

I’m not the first to note that we live in a time when humor has been caged, with certain people, subjects, events, etc., rendered untouchable (unhumorable?), while select others (i.e. Christians, white males [esp. dead ones], WASPs) are considered the only acceptable topics/targets for humor.

Clearly, Hillary jokes are off-limits at CNN and the Bee Hive. She who must not be mocked!

But, remember, Bee is a comedienne (and THE ONLY FEMALE HOST OF A LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW, the article helpfully reminds us because that’s important in our world of hyper-identity) so if she says it — it is funny and if she doesn’t, don’t go there.


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