I was amused hearing Hillary Clinton castigate Donald Trump because he wants to “Make America great again.” According to her he was implying that it is no longer great. She (and Michelle Obama, the newly crowned Pericles, taking the crown from her husband) insists that America is great right now.

Yet, coming out of the other side of Hillary’s mouth was a series of promises of “change” for America. So, Hill, if it’s so great why the desperate need for “change”? Or is this just a buzzword that polls well with our idiot Millennials (and Gen Xers)?

It’s acknowledged that the “change” pitch is aimed at Sanders’ socialist lumpenproletariat, which of course means that Hillary is actually covertly peddling socialism (as Obama did in his 2008 campaign). She’ll make great use, as Obama did in 2008 with “race,” of masking that with the “Making History” cloak enabled by their practice of identity politics.

I’m also amused about her running a campaign on “competence” and “foreign policy successes.” Like “honesty” and “trust,” those are two terms that one can’t seriously associate Hillary Clinton with. Yet one characteristic of the modern liberal is the belief that one simply has to assert something for it to be true. Its actually truth is immaterial in comparison to the assertion.

We’ve already suffered nearly two terms of one such president.

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