Maybe Ann Should Put a Steak on that Eye*

Maybe she liked the attention, maybe she didn’t, but no matter, the recent behavior at a “roast” of actor Rob Lowe taped by the misnamed network Comedy Central turned amazingly ugly when her fellow roasters made Ann Coulter the main target of their barbs. And while roasts can often have a few stray barbs go awry, often they are funny. At this roast the “jokes” were essentially, “Die, Ann Coulter, die, die, die in a horribly painful way.”

Sample joke from someone named Jimmy Carr: “Ann is one of the most repugnant, hateful, hatchet-face bitches alive. It’s not too late to change, Ann. You could kill yourself.

Just hilarious. We’ll edit the laughs in during post.

Not exactly Richard Pryor or even Don Rickles, much less Jack Benny or Bob Hope.

I remind you that this was a roast of Rob Lowe.

You have to wonder whether the producers set this up or it just got out of hand in the hyperliberal Hollywood community? (Despite looking spontaneous, these things are somewhat choreographed.)

Google something along the line of “Ann Coulter” and “roast” or “Rob Lowe” to see how the mainstream media mob (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party) approvingly covered it.

Ignoring the obvious question, why Coulter would ever subject herself to such a gauntlet, why, in our apology-oriented world of political correctness, did so many feel so free to tear after a woman without fear of being dragged through a social media purgatory of endless apologizing and grovelling?

Clearly they feared no retaliation. No demands that they attend sensitivity training sessions. It was basically an Orwellian one-hour of hate directed at Goldstein/Coulter.

Imagine the same treatment if a single less-than-shining thing were said about, say, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Leslie Jones or Joy Behar. There’d be a thermonuclear explosion demanding the head of the offender but a verbal public gang rape of Coulter is applauded by our media and liberal culture betters.

Something is seriously wrong in our liberal-dominated culture.

Make no mistake, we are in a culture war. It’s the equivalent of the Vietnam War. While we conservatives are the Americans, acting civilly, following “Romeo”s and trying to minimize damage and death, our socialist enemies are throwing everything they can at us. We have the power to destroy them but yet we let them win. We’ve seen this movie before, it doesn’t end well for us or society.

The liberals will purge us if they can and they’ll certainly have us in reeducation camps.

Boycott Comedy Central and “comedians” Nikki Glaser, Jimmy Carr, Rob Riggle along with singer Jewel. I’m also very disappointed in Peyton Manning for participating (even if it was lamely).

If you want to see how a roast is done right check out one of the old Dean Martin roasts from the 1960s and 1970s. Pointed and hilarious. How I miss Foster Brooks.

*As we’ve learned with the Clintons, rape or attempted rape is okay as long as liberals are doing it.


A Bite Out of the Apple

Are you chuckling as much as I am about the European Union socking it to Apple for unpaid/back taxes on its European operations?

It couldn’t happen to a more politically correct liberal poster child than Apple.

Instead of saying, “Oops, our bad. We’re good liberals so we’ll just reach into our pocket and happily pony up the amount…,” Apple squealed like a stuck pig.

Don’tcha luv it when liberals are hoist by their own petard?

Hey, Timmy! You’re a big-time supporter of every liberal cause that rolls down the hill. You’re a supporter of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and probably Bernie Sanders too. You wanted these things like big taxes and governmental micromanagement, but are they just for other people or are you willing to live by them?

Apparently not…

Now, are you a liberal who’s being mugged by reality? Are you going to learn the lesson? Do you understand that the Eurocrats view you and your company as little more than a servant of their enterprise. You are a sheep to be shorn and provide them with wool. It might be really cool wool but you’re still a sheep in their eyes. Baaaaaah!

Are you going to join us or is your liberal fealty, possibly driven by your boastful homosexuality, your greatest concern? Is your sexual upside-down cake so important to you that you’d piss away $13 billion of other people’s money (and much more year after year if you knuckle under to the Eurofascists)?

The Sea of Texas

One of the main Global Warming scare tactics is the insistence that it will bring rising seas. None other than our own King Barry the Weatherman, mischanneling King Canute, has declared that his election would send the seas scurrying back to whence they came though he’s also claimed that the seas regular overwhelm Miami and fish swim in the streets.

Of course those familiar with the works of Albert the Goracle know that New York is close to being swallowed by the sea. Any day now, yep, any day…

So I shall offer a solution to soothe the fevered brows of the Global Warmongers — the Sea of Texas.

Most Global Warmers would be surprised to learn that the whole state of Texas was underwater millions of years ago (hint: it was a heck of a lot warmer back in those days — our weather today ain’t got nothing on those days back then).

I am not proposing that the whole state be flooded but I suggest that parts of the semi-arid, lightly populated western part could be turned into a large inland sea.

A series of desalinization plants could be built along the Gulf coast. These could be nuclear powered or maybe some could be powered by windmills taking in the coastal breeze. Unlike the liberal folks of our oceanic coasts, who blanch at the thought of a windmill off their coast, Texans are long comfortable with energy sources visible off the coast.

Pipelines would be built to take the water out west and north. Texans are also comfortable with pipelines and if the pipelines leak — well, it’s just water!

And think of the engineering challenge. That should get the intellectual juices flowing.

I’m sure that the first response of Global Warmists would be — “Hey, you’d drain the Gulf of Mexico!”

They aren’t too bright you have to understand.

Water is fungible so while it drains from the northwestern end of the Gulf of Mexico it just flows back in from the Atlantic via the Caribbean. You’d have to pump a lot of water to drop the level of the Atlantic enough to drastically affect the Gulf of Mexico, especially considering how fast those seas be arisen’!

So in this case, the “rising seas” can be tamed by transferring water from one place, the sea, to another, desert land. Problem solved.

Of course there’d be the cries that man is too stupid to do this (Yet somehow smart enough to precisely calculate the weather decades into the future, micromanage numerous industries from Washington and know the racism and sexism buried in the hearts of all Americans that don’t vote Democrat).

(This would inevitably be followed by the squeals that man is monkeying with the environment and that a sea in west Texas would threaten the Tom Green County Blue Sand Flea [not to be confused with the Coke County Purple Dirt Flea which will also be threatened] and so on.)

There would be side benefits in this monumental endeavor. A large inland sea could have beneficial effect on the climate by mitigating some of the heat that west Texas is (in)famous for (or it could exacerbate the thunderstorms that percolate out there, interesting thought). Or it might not do much at all.

In addition it might help recharge the vast Oglalla Aquifer and other groundwater sources along with providing irrigation possibilities for farmers in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. And it would aid water supply problems in fast-growing north Texas and Oklahoma.

Think about it. If this Global Warming problem is as big as the scientists of the “settled science” say it is, then big solutions are needed — and we’re not talking about putting business under the thumb of government bureaucrats or everybody being forced to live like Road Warrior-style post-apocalyptic wretches rationing and recycling everything while making nothing new.

Once my proposal is accepted and put forth, we can start talking about the Great Gobi Inland Ocean. What an engineering feat that would be.

Climate Changers, are you with me? You do want to solve the problem, right?

Free the Capacitors!

This story is related to the Starz story below.

Again, like Starz, it might seem inconsequential to your life.

But it’s not.

I know a little bit about these “capacitors” whose price was supposedly rigged. This is a ridiculous charge. It might be true but who cares? These electrical components cost pennies! They contribute a tiny fraction to the price of consumer electronics.

These aren’t specialized military or aerospace components which might cost a lot. These are off-the-shelf technology. These electrical components cost pennies! They contribute a tiny fraction to the price of consumer electronics.

Isn’t the usual complaint not that electronics are expensive but that they are ridiculously cheap? Part of that reason is the dirt-cheap electronic subassemblies made up of bargain basement parts like capacitors. Nobody’s being ripped off or forced to buy overpriced parts. These capacitors can be bought by the truckloads and there’s no shortage of makers. They are not anywhere close to being the most expensive part in any electronic device.

The companies pleaded guilty to save themselves the legal costs of fighting this (much like most of us will ‘plead guilty’ to a simple speeding or parking ticket to save ourselves the trouble of paying a lawyer or taking off from work to fight the ticket.

The charges were pursued by the Dept. of Justice’s San Francisco office so you can bet that some Silicon Valley companies pushed DOJ on this. Dig down and you might find those companies are going to cut a deal with the capacitor manufacturers to cut a fraction of a penny off the next load of capacitors.Oh, and guaranteed they contribute to the Democrat party.

Whatever, this is a waste of taxpayer dollars, a sign that government is way too big, micromanaging too many things it has no business overseeing and that the DOJ has too much time on its hands and too many people.

Starz Lobbies Up

This is a story that most people might simply shrug their shoulders and say, “So what?”

But there really is more to it.

Starz is a cable channel (actually several channels) that focuses on movies but is increasingly, like its competitors such as HBO and Showtime, developing limited-run series.

So why would a cable subscription TV channel hire a politically-connected (and expensive) Washington, D.C. lobbying firm, the Glover Park Group?

Good question. An obvious answer would be to protect itself from government regulation and harassment. But that doesn’t seem to be Starz’s reason.

There’s some hint in the story and press release that it wishes to influence Washington policy makers. Influence them how?

The announcing release said: “As the multichannel video industry continues to consolidate, lawmakers and regulators are increasingly focused on ensuring that the public interest in access to quality, diverse programming is preserved and promoted. Through outreach to government officials and communications within the Washington, DC market, Starz plans to work with the Glover Park Group to educate key stakeholders about the programmer’s outstanding array of shows, including its breakout hits ‘Power’ and ‘Survivor’s Remorse.’ Both shows have received strong viewership and critical acclaim driven by their appeal to the traditionally underserved African American audience.

It adds, “Ensuring that the public interest in access to quality, diverse programming is preserved and promoted.”


That sounds a little odd. What business is it of the federal government what is available to the public on private TV networks?

Furthermore, what is it Washington’s concern that Starz seems to be promoting its programming aimed at “African-American” audiences? If Starz wants to promote the programs let it do it the traditional way — in the forum of public media.

I’m afraid that Starz is trying to use the power of the federal government to promote its programming and considering the debate over “set-top boxes,” likely trying to shoehorn its offerings into mandatory basic packages that the cable retailers offer. That is, forcing cable TV distributors to carry the package because of “diversity” requirements that certain people at the FCC want to mandate if (and when), the FCC decides to start regulating content. Don’t laugh, it’s already being proposed in the bowels of the agency and inside the Democratic party. Washington wants to control what you watch — and you can bet that it will be liberal propaganda (with diversity! i.e. a variety of approved skin colors not diversity in thought).

One more multiheaded point. The Glover Park Group is one of dozens similar groups in Washington that actually do nothing other than act as an interface between citizens and the evergrowing government. Not surprisingly the principals and employees of these groups are often ex-government employees and legislative aides and even legislators themselves who created these regulations in the first place. It’s a really lucrative gig — shaking down the rest of America.

They are parasites living off of your hard work while they force you to pay to jump through hoops they created.

You have to hire this mosquito to navigate the mosquito-infested swamp…

Not surprisingly this group, like most of them, is packed with liberals and it caters and contributes to the Dem party. So now, some of your Starz fee will be going into the pockets of the DNC. This is a self-perpetuating, cycle since the DNC and its supporters/enablers want to increase the government’s power and role in your life. It’s a downward cycle that isn’t going to stop itself.

How do we stop companies from needing to hire expensive Washington lobbyists?

One is that they need to stop hiring and promoting the liberals who want to make Washington the master of your business and your life. Secondly, they need to have a company policy to stay out of politics (many did but once liberals ascended the corporate ladder they changed that). Third, shareholders, owners, customers need to start pushing back. Fourth, the government and its tentacle agencies need to be trimmed and many even removed.

If Washington has less power, fewer people will want to go there and fewer of us will have to pay for it.

Most Transparent Administration Ever!

You have to wonder — if liberals, especially Obama supporters, weren’t so unself-aware or impervious to facts and realities and incapable of learning lessons, would they feel like the biggest suckers in history?

Remember when King Barry the Devious promised during his 2008 campaign to, if elected, install the “most transparent administration ever”?

Hah! Little did we know that he had his fingers crossed behind his back and was laughing on the inside.

He really meant “Most transparently corrupt administration in history!”

Joke’s on them… Uh, wait, the joke’s on America…

A Hillary Analogy (A True Story)

For a little more than a week there was a car parked in the lot of my place of employment every day, in the same spot. What initially drew my attention to it, as I parked next to it, was the Hillary sticker on it. Even though I live in increasingly liberal northern Virginia I have seen very few Hillary stickers (those H’s with an arrow inexplicably pointing to the right) but I still plenty of fading Obama/Biden stickers.

So anyway, as I stepped out of the car I peeked at the interior of the white, beat up Honda Accord. It was almost filthy with plenty of scattered, seemingly discarded, “tech” tchotchkes like cords for smartphones, earbuds, a broken dashboard holder for a smartphone. It hHadn’t been vacuumed or cleaned in years. In the rear were several sets of license plates with a towel wrapping them. I could see much of the top one — it was a personalized plate referencing a Clinton-era animated film about a lion… Trash littered the floorboards.

As I passed the car several times over last week and Monday morning I noticed that the hood seemed to be unseated and the front panels a bit crunched up — especially on the driver’s side. The lower front end was seriously scarred on both sides. I didn’t wander around to the front for the full frontal.

In many ways it struck me as the perfect analogy for Hillary Clinton: banged up and unwashed; mashed in front; well past its useful life; a musty, unclean interior with signs of attempts at technology along with numerous fake and changes in ID.

The car disappeared some time on Monday because it wasn’t there when I left the office Monday evening.

If only Hillary would be towed away now (because she’ll have to be towed away in the White House).