Cultural Warfare: The Bieber Incident

There are two things wrong with this story.

The first is obvious – what on Earth are any Republicans doing allegedly inviting Justin Bieber to perform for them (much less supposedly paying him $5 million) during the Cleveland convention? Bieber is about as squirrely as they come and not exactly stereotypical Republican fare. Most likely it was an event aimed at Young Republicans and the kids of the delegates (along with some bored women).

Republicans are always futilely trying to prove how cool and hip they are. Give it up, GOP, you’re the square adults that get things done, pay the bills, act responsibly, etc.

But the real story here, if true, is the blatant cultural warfare illustrated by LeBron James asking Bieber’s agent (allegedly a big Hillary Clinton supporter) to have Bieber stay away from the big payday.

James tried to polish his image as a “moderate” during the recent political coming out of the closet by the NBA. But it seems that James is just another liberal taking advantage of his popularity to shove his views down everyone else’s throat.

He’s also clearly engaging in cultural warfare. As I’ve noted before, liberals will politicize anything and everything they can.

Everyone needs to understand that when you patronize one of these celebrities (sports stars [and increasingly sports leagues], movie actors, singers, and people who seem to be famous simply because they are famous) your money may be funding liberal activism, the Democratic party and the eventual destruction of America as we know it.


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